Scottish Labour Wants to Listen and Change!

Scottish Labour Wants to Listen and Change!

Scottish Labour Wants to Listen and Change, first they need to respect the people of Scotland and say sorry for the VOW that was a down-right lie!

Scottish Labour said this morning we never changed or listened for years, they are right they never or will they ever, its a branch of Labour England and will never be allowed its own independence.

Murph the Smurph isn’t going to be any different at least the other two stooges in the leadership battle are true left wingers but again both would still be controlled by Westminster politics.

Why would any Scottish voter vote for an English based party to govern Scotland and its people?????

Labour in Scotland can’t change or listen its not possible, they would never get the nod from Ed to change their structure that’s why the unions are running a mile from Smurph and the English based labour leadership.

They got into bed with the Tory party and that was the game changer for ever, they allowed the daily record the freedom of Scotland on the VOW PROMISE and said naff all and now they are willing to change and listen!

The people of Scotland will NEVER FORGIVE LABOUR not-ever again no matter what they say or promise they are but a branch office that is told what to think and do from an English based HQ in London and that’s all Scottish Labour will always be no matter what they say or do, period!