Superman Gordon Brown

Superman Gordon Brown.

Super Man Gordon Brown image

Gordon Brown the man who saved the union and Dave Cameron’s frazzled bacon will need more than kryptonite to get a second reading of the Scotland Bill by March 27th.

It seems the writing is on the wall for Scottish Labour and the No Campaigners pledge to get the second reading through the corridors of Westminster as the conservatives have worked out it was Superman Brown and Ed that will get the blame if the Scotland Bill’s timetable slides.

Our Tory insiders tell us they cant wait for the Scots to stick the boot into Scottish labour for breaking their election promises pre independence vote on the Vow of greater devolved power to the Scottish parliament.

Many commenter’s south of the border thinks the Libdems are back sliding not that really matters as they will be lucky to hold on to more than ten seats if they are really lucky, the real power brokers will be UKIP as they were not part of any pledge made to Scotland they wont need to offer any deals therefore this whole process cannot be guaranteed and could be the biggest red herring ever!

The only way to guarantee more powers is to vote SNP next May because whoever takes control having 50 MP’s killing every bill for the next five years will be hell and getting rid of them no matter what may be a price worth paying.