UK Government in New EU Shambles

UK Government in New EU Shambles.


We the general public and tax payers of this land are left wondering time after time, what do our politicians get so well paid for?

Last night saw the government at sixes and sevens yet again all over Europe, the Tories well most of them love the EU, no one gives them more freebies and holidays then their opposite numbers in other European governments they have no reason to want to leave that very private gentleman’s club.


Offering you the chance to vote on leaving the EU union is not an option but good PR in face of UKIP pressure.


So we had the mighty Teresa May getting into so much trouble over European Arrest Warrants and fearing a back bench revolt failed to push a vote on it then decided to go on to the regulations part and just scraped through with only 9 votes from defeat shows just how bad both sides of debate is in utter shambles.


If an election was held now and was fair (no vote rigging) UKIP would walk it in England, Scotland would then NOT be in Europe whether it wanted or not and we would still be part of the union who would not give a dam about the north Branch of the UNITED KINGDOM.


Anyone will notice nothing of substance coming out of the smith commission,  is it the calm before the storm?