Vote For Murphy Get Something For Something

Vote For Murphy Get Something For Something.
Jim Murphy Labour’s answer for a Scottish Branch Manager for the Tory Party if he gets elected.

Apparently he only wants Scottish benefit claimants to get the lowest amount of pay-outs in the western world if they have contributed over many years.

If you were unlucky to be injured or disabled when you were young just forget it, you’re a slacker according to his ideas, if you’re in an area of high depravation you can get very little in the way of comfort either.

This is the old face of New Scottish Labour reinventing the wheel of misery, the Scottish Unions knows this to be true that’s why they won’t back Murph the Smurph anytime soon.

Labour is so out of touch with the Scottish people it’s really scary to watch, is it any wonder people all over Scotland have had enough of them.
Scotland won’t put up with this, what happened to the red flag flying high mob they used to protect the weak, sick and disabled but not anymore.

If this is what’s left of the Scottish Labour Party and they get true Blue Jim Murphy as your new leader, say bye bye for decades to come within Scotland, very few will vote for you and no-one will trust you lot so best vote for the other two left wingers instead.