We Told You Voting No Was Not Good Option

We Told You Voting No Was Not Good Option.
The people who voted No must be kicking themselves right now, not only will they not be in the union after May they will also be out of Europe.
The YES Campaign went to great lengths as this website also warned of the immense danger of voting NO in that the inherent risk of listening too much to the three amigos and taking the eye off the ball with UKIP.
UKIP is a TORY mark 2 political party they were started by euro-bashers who wanted the Tory party to leave Europe and go-it alone but when they started making ground conservative HQ got cold feet slagged off their leader and now payback is a bitch.
Problem now for these three stupid amigos is we all saw it coming so how come they never, the country is screwed leaving Europe our biggest trading partner is a no brainer, UK PLC won’t survive without them and our Westminster lackies, but now they are too scared to say it in case UKIP wins by a landslide.
SNP is hoping this actually happens and either gets a straight home rule or forces a new referendum on the basis Scotland stays in the European Union.
We then have a strange thing indeed if we voted yes the three amigos said we would get kicked out of Europe, well apart from the alleged vote rigging result we voted no and six months later Scotland still gets kicked out no matter what we wanted and Brussels will be desperate to change their minds on our membership status.
One good thing though UKIP wants Scotland to be free and if we get enough MP’s in Parliament that might happen without another vote whether the NO’s like it or not…
Another thing is certain 40-50 SNP members in Westminster will be very powerful kingmakers and they won’t miss this chance for freedom for our nation and the no-voters have only one chance to stay in the EU and that’s voting for the SNP