Westminster Scottish Vow in Tatters

Westminster Scottish Vow in Tatters.

Daily Record lies are coming back to haunt them, now Liberal Democrats are distancing themselves from the DR VOW statement. 

Below is a statement from a reader on Wings over Scotland who says Ming Campbell wrote to him spelling out no vow was offered rather a need for change.

Why did no political leader correct this gross injustice?

Daily Record should at least own up and close its publications for all time.

This shows that all other no campaign parties cannot be trusted to govern Scotland as this proves they cant even tell a simple truth about anything.

Westminster can’t understand why Scottish voters are turning their backs; on mainline Scottish media moguls or no campaign political parties because the Scott’s have learned that social media can provide better debate and truth for all.

All readers should write to your MP’s and ask for a signed copy of the DR vow?

I got my reply from Ming Campbell about the VOW. I emailed him but got a letter from the House of Commons plus a copy of the Campbell Report 11 from March 2014!

I can’t just copy the email and send so me being cynical thinks that this was deliberate. However here we are….Thank you for you e mail etc.



Each of the parties which did not support Independence had their own view as to how devolution could be improved. BUT THERE WAS NO COLLECTIVE ” VOW ” AS SUCH, but an agreement on the need for change.