Do you know this woman?

Who is this woman? Do you know? I didn’t, in fact I hadn’t a clue –



she looks like a nice lady until you research and find out she is the new 2nd in command for the Red Labour party in Scotland, just to remind you the Labour party have it’s leaders roots in England, you know that place where they haven’t a clue and couldn’t care less what happens North of Watford gap.

As long as the Red Labour keep picking up that possible quarter of a million pounds in expenses every year plus their £64,000 wages they are very unlikely to care about social justice or getting rid of those abominations called food banks – do you really think they are going to turn their backs on approx. £300,000 every year???

Her boss in the Red Labour Club is Jim Murphy, he’s that famous soap box enthusiast from the Yes/No campaigns who spent his time standing on an Iron Bru case – which brings up some important points; such as why Jim Murphy is preaching the exact opposite of what he was preaching for months before the Yes/No vote – this man really does think we all came down in the last shower.

Has Mr Murphy forgotten his Red Labour buddies started the ball rolling in this austerity, food banks, and abuse to Scotland’s disabled and sick – Mr Murphy is a shining example why we need to get rid of each and every Red Labour seat in Scotland.



If you still haven't a clue who this woman is, her name is Kezie Dugdale...