Yet more BBC bias reporting on the plight of the needy to apply for food through food-banks.

On the BBC today Norman Smith (BBC NEWS) was reporting on MP’s demanding more should be done to speed up benefit payments to help avoid having to go to food-banks in the first place, he also went on to confirm Tory Ministers thought the reason for more people accessing food-banks was that the information was more in the public domain, this is wholly wrong!

People cannot just turn up and say “Give us food gov”.

In order for anyone in the UK to access food-banks in the first place they need to prove they can not afford food and this can only be done through the DWP so why does the BBC not state this as fact?

Yet again any bad press the Government might get gets put into the long grass, there are genuine reasons for people and families having to go through food-banks and most of these reasons stem from IDS and his DWP departments and its them you have to beg to get the vouchers to access the said food-banks.

Is it any wonder the government wants to bring all food-banks into state control?

Hopefully the BBC will do its research first before reporting garbage just to help the DWP out of another own goal scored!