Shock and Horror Tory MP caught playing Candy Crush for two and a half hours while in an official Parliamentary Works and Pensions Committee debating old folks.

At over £100,000 salary is this likely to get him sanctioned like other Job seekers that would have had them stripped of benefits if they dared to do likewise in say a proper job interview?

This Tory MP should at least hand back his salary and complete a community service order just for the fun of it.

It shows a complete disregard for those who elected him and shows how out of touch he and the rest of his sorry Tory party members are.

News reports are saying David Cameron also plays Candy Crush , for a number of years he has even managed to get to level 55 wow its true then he’s not very bright is he?

Just to make the point one of the authors of this blog is on level 411, been playing for 6 months but been in a coma for 5 of them….lol

You got to hand it to them Tory Toffs, addicted to Candy Crush Saga a game played by the masses to help them forget about the lives these people make for us, its enough to make one cry oh!, and he should be sacked and made to sign on next day.