or, BBC Apprentice Shambles or, BBC Apprentice Shambles.

How can the BBC along with Lord Sugar manage such a cockup beggars believe CLIMB ONLINE was a failure before it even began.

Watching the apprentice on the BBC was one of the most bizarre British Business TV Programs of the year, just how you can get the most bright of young business hopefuls to end up winning with an online YELL type business model when no one even noticed all the domains were taken including the assembled experts at the presentation shows every single person including Lord Sugar is either incompetent or clueless or both!

When we watched Mark Wright’s idea on fold it was obvious to us the guy lost the plot, first thing we did was go to and two of the best domain sellers in the UK all domains were already taken by climbers how on earth no-one from Sugars empire spotted the cockup shows internet marketing was not one of their strong points yet they said they were.

We are true SEO experts throughout the world, Mark did not have a clue about search engine optimisation the closest he got to the model was YELL.COM how they do it is by offering businesses certain keywords for their businesses locally and paying search engines for top ad placements and charged at rateable values, Mark Wright wanted to charge £400 a time, they could never compete with Yell and was doomed to failure.

But as we said we are the real SEO experts here lets show you just how daft this idea was lets take his words he used himself “plumbing in London” in Google UK search here are the results;

The top three are google adverts, cant get here unless the client joins Google Adwords great idea but no need for climb online advice as google provides and is cheaper in any case.

Next Google lists registered businesses and addresses this is a google free service which IF you and true SEO expert this is a free service to the client.

The next set of results are from trade portals where yet again would be cheaper to join, then you have YELL who has a proven track record but can only get to the bottom of page one then there’s Gumtree THAT’S another free service.

Point is either lord Sugar was fully aware this was a non-starter and had no intention of investment or he’s as thick as mince to fall for one of the worst business plans in the history of the BBC show that makes British Business a laughing stock of the world.

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