Lets All Move To North Korea

Lets All Move To North Korea.

It’s not as far fetched as it first seems, UK PLC is getting pretty close to it already after today’s Westminster repeat of “We are all in this together crap”.

They do have something in common with the North Korean’s that’s hard not to spot, very few at the top gains most just like in this country, the poor get no joy just lots more of the same.

Now just think most of their London friends not only already lives in the top 10% of high value properties but most of the Tory Toffs are also the top landlords of the City so this stamp duty is not for the poor’s benefit.

Most Tories’ will be jumping for joy a scheme to help out the minions helps the toffs for years to come, just in case they kicked out next May.

Then you have to ask ones self, why now? Simple, house values sliding in the capitol, so Osborne and Cameroon hatch a plan to line their and their friends pockets and make it look like it was done for the poor’s benefits they are so shameless they even used the example of the middle range of £250,000 as an shining example with people requiring at least a 5% deposit that’s £12500 upfront plus  a mortgage of £237,500 @ 5% pa=£1400 per month,  yep it was all done for the poor?

The poor get even poorer and the rich gets richer still and no-one defends the poor same old, same old, one good thing about moving to North Korea you won’t be required to stand in queues for shameful food banks because they don’t believe in them, just like in this country in fact the Tories deny there is even a need for them.