Murph the Smurph New Labour Leader

Murph the Smurph New Labour Leader


Jim Murphy has been crowned the new white hope for the Scottish Labour and now so discredited it will take a miracle to transform them in time for GE 2015.

The deputy leader, is a lady and with the greatest of respect is a no-one why not from our perspective.

We don’t even know if they have ever worked together, of course the Smurph says it won’t do as he’s told from his head office in London.

The BBC usual bias did not disappoint, their man won but did they really need to say it was breaking news for nearly 5 hours straight on its news channels worldwide?

SNP Released this just after the results;


The scale of the problems facing Labour’s new leadership team has been made clear today as a new opinion poll gave the SNP a record lead.

The contest was sparked after Johann Lamont stood down, revealing that Labour in Scotland is treated like a ‘branch office’ by the party’s Westminster bosses.

A new YouGov poll published in today’s Sun has shown the SNP’s lead for next year’s General Election continuing to grow to a new record level, as people across Scotland send out the message that the Westminster parties are failing to meet their expectations.

The poll put support for the SNP at 47 per cent – up 4 per cent on YouGov’s last poll and up 27 per cent on the 2010 result – while Labour is 20 points behind on 27 per cent. The poll puts support for the Tories at 16 per cent while the LibDems trail far behind on just 3 per cent – down 16 per cent on the 2010 result.

The same poll also asked people in Scotland about their view of the Smith Commission proposals and found that 51 per cent of people thought that they failed to go far enough, 23 per cent of people thought it got the balance right and 14 per cent of people think they go too far. And the poll out support for independence ahead at 47 per cent, to 45 per cent opposed.

Commenting, SNP Depute Leader Stewart Hosie MP said:

“I congratulate both Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale on their election to Leader and Deputy Leader.

“Jim Murphy takes over just as the scale of their problems are laid bare in the new YouGov poll – showing record levels of support for the SNP for next year’s General Election. Mr Murphy spent two years campaigning side by side with the Tories in Scotland, and in that sense he is part of Labour’s problem in Scotland, not the solution. And his strong support for tuition fees puts him at marked variance with mainstream opinion in Scotland.

Today’s poll also makes clear the scale of the disappointment that is felt across Scotland at the Westminster parties’ failure to meet people’s aspirations for more powers.

It even indicates that Jim Murphy’s own seat would be vulnerable on these poll ratings.

“People feel let down by the Westminster parties, and by Labour in particular, and are putting their trust in the SNP in increasing numbers.

There is a clear recognition that the only way to ensure Scotland gains the job-creating and welfare powers we need is by electing a strong team of SNP MPs in May, and we will be working hard every day to secure that support.”