The Telegraph published this story below about the Scottish people; and pay attention to what the leaders of the NO CAMPAIGN said to David Cameron and they wonder why everyone in Scotland now wants another chance to break free proves the English just do not get it at all?

Reading the crap below shows the union does not work, it’s only there for the English no other country matters at all, it only proves the 45 made the right choice then and more and more Scots are feeling the same way!

If Scottish MP’s can’t vote on English matters then the next vote should only be for Scottish born to vote on our own future; not outsiders living here that was the game changer it’s our country it should only be Scots born that decides Scotland’s future!

If you go and live in other countries very few of them will give you the right to vote in their country yet no-one says naff all so why was Scotland any different perhaps Scottish born did vote yes and the not born here stopped it!

If its good enough for the English to block Scottish MP’s at Westminster then why can’t only Scottish born only, vote in the next referendum which will be mandated for in GE 2015 with a huge vote for the SNP this is why Scottish labour are going no-where and were nuts to follow such madness from their English HQ which this website fully warned them of at the time.

Yesterday the Guardian published an extensive feature into “The real story of the Scottish referendum”. It included the following insights. “[Alistair] Darling telephoned Cameron to warn him against using the moment of victory to demand English votes for English laws at Westminster. If he did so at this sensitive moment, rather than waiting to address the matter in due time, Darling reportedly told Cameron, he would let Alex Salmond back in the front door”. Danny Alexander accused Cameron of, “trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory”. Gordon Brown, apparently, “telephoned the cabinet secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, to express his dismay. The highest civil servant in the land was warned by Brown that the pro-UK parties would pay a big price for the announcement, which he regarded as a disaster.”

Were Darling, Alexander and Brown being serious? Is Scotland being serious?

We are part of a political union. It is a union that was reaffirmed, by the Scottish people, a couple of months ago. And we all have a stake in that union. Even us knuckle-draggers south of the border.

Do the people and politicians of Scotland honestly think the rest of the United Kingdom is going to simply sit back while they carry on the way they’ve been carrying on before, during and after September’s referendum? Do they genuinely believe they can continue demanding a series of referendums on independence in perpetuity, until they get the result right, or get bored of asking the question? When Jim Murphy boasts “what happens in Scotland will be decided in Scotland” does he not wonder what conclusion his English colleagues and the people they represent will draw? Did Darling, Brown and Alexander honestly think they could unilaterally rewrite the UK constitution, and offer “Scottish Home Rule”, funded via the Barnett Formula, without any English reaction at all?

Scotland is a nation that has become drunk on constitutional arrogance and self-righteousness. “We might stay in the union. We might not stay in the union. We’ll let you know when we’re good and ready.” “Better off together? Forget that. You keep your noses out. What happens in Scotland will be decided in Scotland.” “What? You want English votes for English laws? Who the hell do you think you are? You can talk about that in due time. Now shut up, and keep writing the cheques, or we’re off.”

Well, Scotland can stay drunk if it wants. But England isn’t going to keep picking up the tab. These issues didn’t really matter much in England so long as they remained on the political back-burner. But the Scots keep insisting on pushing them onto the front burner. And in Ukip, England now has its very own SNP. English votes for English laws are the minimum that is required to head off a serious backlash.

I’m not sure what’s going on in Scotland at the moment, and I’m not sure I want to know. But I know this. Diana has gone. And someone up there has to start to get a grip.

The above expose from the Telegraph proves England really are out of touch with the Scottish electorate and whoever wrote this story must write a thousand times; I know nothing about Scotland or it’s people and I must not write crap like this ever again!