Yes; we all knew it, and it has taken a while for someone in the media to stick their neck over the parapet…good on this reporter!!! 

As time goes on more and more evidence is being uncovered about the 18th of Sept 2014 independence referendum being fiddled and manipulated.

The latest story comes from the Sunday Post newspaper – it amazes me why the reports have taken so long to surface considering every man and his dog knew there was a Westminster engineered conspiracy attempt even before anybody marked their voting papers.

Nobody in Scotland who had a vote liked the ideas that sprouted in the last few weeks before the 18th of September  2014 when we were visited by three political heavyweights inciting the voters to vote for Westminster, which had nothing to do with them but was set up to interfere with Scottish voters straight thinking – this was political corruption at it’s lowest level, with a mixture of dirt and illegal manoeuvres.

Nobody seems to be picking up on the facts that a million voters had cast their votes BEFORE the 18th of September 2014, so these three political heavyweights were committing the worst kind of political dirt manufacturing although they must have known they were wiping their feet on the Scottish electorate.

Once again Scotland has been led astray by political crap which we should never have been subject to, hopefully the Scottish Government will be much harder in the future – we can only hope that when Scotland votes again the Scottish Government will be forced into action to prove the votes from Scotland’s citizens are well chosen.

The story from the Sunday Post can be found here;;