UK Slowest Recovery in History.













The slowest recovery in British history, and they say the latest Tory financial plan is working, really?

This is what happens when you let private school education fellows take over the country utter shambles.

In 2010 they told the masses the pain would be great and they/we were all in this together that was the first lie, then they sold another cracker that the bankers were innocent and the sick and disabled had to pay the price dearly!

They did and so did at least 90% of the rest of us only for the obscenely rich get even richer this is what the Tory party call a fair distribution of wealth, it’s what they have always done.

We are being told wages will stay at the same level until 2020 just before the next shower of hopeless politicians ask us to vote again for the same old crap as before of course we don’t really care in Scotland as we will be free of these greedy jokers for good and zero tears just like the tenfold increase by then of zero hour contracts, oh! goody lots to look forward to in the rest of UK PLC.

But if you listen to them they will tell you their economic plan is really working and bringing fantastic gains to all, vote for us again and stay the same till 2020 and after that let the fun times begin, really!

You can see the market loved it yesterday it was the only market to drop in the entire world on the day, its a good job Scotland is still bank rolling  these chancers or they would have vetoed our breakaway when the time came, so yet again we are the mugs propping them up and keeping them afloat, its them that should be sacked and forced to take on slave labour workfare and learn what many people are trying to cope on never ending low wages, high energy costs that governments simply cant control and disgraceful zero hour contracts that will get even worse when they leave Europe, get rid of human rights, so that their friends can impose even more Victorian values on the poor and weak which will account for 90% of the population which means the English who vote for them are either very rich or very stupid?