The Political Future of the U.K.

The possible future British Prime Minister – Oh! my!
The Political Future of the U.K.
Are you concerned about the political future of the U.K. or is your concern more to do with the political future of Scotland?
WE are all witnessing the demise of the Welfare State which our grandfathers and great-grandfathers gave their life for during the 1939 – 1945 war.
At the turn of the century politicians were usually placed in parliament by the people and for the people, and unlike today it was not an easy and simple process because all politicians had to prove themselves with local councils and local committee’s first before they ventured into the House of Commons to represent the voters of their particular area.
– today this has all changed, today money is openly proven time and time again to be the mechanism which drives these so called bastions of society.
The money has turned into obscene amounts for expenses and wages which they are certainly not entitled to considering the way in which they self protect themselves and make sure that every directive that is drawn up protects rather than exposes their misdeeds, one has only to look at the extent of their various cover-ups and the usual quarter of a million pounds expenses claims each MP puts in annually.
we are offered quangos of unelected and unrepresented polecats who creep along the corridors of Westminster offering favours for votes which can ruin or influence citizens miles away from many of these so called MPs for the people.
At a British National level a second glance at who or whom Britain can vote for today there is no one who fills the voting equivalent of “Good Candidates” or “Good Political Party” – we are seeing the “Keystone”, of British Society being removed and soon the Welfare State will have no safety nets.
We are seeing the explosion of “Food Banks”, which in 2014 is nothing short of a disgrace, especially while bullets are still being bought as a priority over feeding our children.
We are seeing our disabled victimised by an uncaring DWP directed by the most uncaring government that has ever been in the U.K. – what a legacy for those ancestors of Cameron, clegg , etc…have to look back on with sadistic pride.
This year we have seen an extra 100+ political candidates filling in their forms because we have no fit political party to go into the next government and these extra 100+ candidates are hoping they will be voted for so that they are getting a chance to change things, and whoever gets the task will have to clean up the mess left by this government – if this government remains the citizens better get ready for another term of abuse and poor lifestyles.
Our pride and joy called the National Health Service which should never have been tampered with or even considered as a money making machine is now being dismantled first in England and in stealth eventually in Scotland with the American vultures in the form of TTIP.
– the protection of the NHS should have be written into the Smith Commission in Scotland – why did they leave out this important subject?
While the U.K. is buying bombs and bullets and making it a priority our NHS is not safe in ANY political parties hands. This could only be safeguarded if it was written into the constitution which will never happen while a conservative government is in power.