SNP comment on TV dabates on the news Labour, Lib Dem and UKIP leaders have jointly written to broadcasters to press ahead with general election TV debates even if David Cameron refuses to take part – but excluding the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Greens – SNP Deputy Leader Stewart Hosie MP said:
UKIP is now part of the Westminster establishment along with Labour and the Lib Dems, and this proves it.
It’s quite astounding that Labour are prepared to work with UKIP on a debate format which excludes the SNP, Plaid Cymru and Greens.
Yesterday Labour voted with the Tories on austerity, today they are working with UKIP on debates.
A recent YouGov poll shows that most people across the UK support Nicola Sturgeon being included on the televised leaders debates – we want these debates to happen, and they must include the SNP.
The polls show that south of the border, and across the nations and regions of the UK, people rightly recognise the need to have fair representation in the televised debates.
“With a larger membership than the Lib Dems and UKIP combined, and more elected MPs than UKIP, the case for including the SNP is unanswerable.
“The addition of the SNP, Plaid and the Greens with Nicola Sturgeon, Leanne Wood and Natalie Bennett will also rightly show that politics across the UK isn’t just an old boys club.”