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Reports in today’s Sunday Herald newspaper show that before parliament has even debated the renewal of Trident, billions of pounds have been allocated or spent on the deadly weapons system. In addition there has been a massive underestimate in costs associated with designing reactors.

Labour and the Tories are both committed to renewing the nuclear weapons system , dumped on the Clyde just half an hour from Scotland ‘s biggest centre of population –and both Westminster parties have made clear their determination on spending £100 billion on Trident at a time of continued austerity.
This comes at a time when conventional defence is being cut to the bone – with the threat of even more savage cuts to come after the election.
Angus Robertson MP, SNP Westminster Leader and defence spokesperson commented:
“This raises some very serious questions for the MoD – costs are spiralling out of control before MPs have even had a chance to vote on renewal.
“It is utterly unacceptable that over £4 billion will be blown on replacing Trident nuclear weapons before parliament actually decides on whether or not to even give it the go ahead. Stopping Trident renewal will be an absolute priority of a team of SNP MPs elected in May. Two billion remains to be spent in the next two years – at a time of crippling austerity – yet the MoD won’t reveal when and what it will be spent on.
“It is also alarming that an additional £150 million has been spent simply due to a lack of nuclear expertise in designing the reactor. If they have underestimated the complexity of designing a nuclear reactor, it bodes ill for the weapons costs. As we know all too well, conventional forces are being cut to the bone and this Westminster government will be remembered as the one that shamefully sent out p45s to serving personnel and cut Scotland’s maritime patrol capability to the point where we are begging our allies to patrol our coastline.
 “Westminster Labour and Tory MPs are committed to renewing this obscene weapons system. In no other democracy, at a time of deep austerity and cuts, would over £4 billion be spent on committing to such a massive project without consulting parliamentarians – and bills could be piling up for under-estimates as it become increasingly clear that Trident renewal is completely out of control.
“This latest blow to the Trident project suggests that they have already underestimated the massive final cost.’’




The SNP has called for people across Scotland to ensure that they do not lose out on their opportunity to vote by ensuring that they are registered ahead of the Westminster election.
The issue of encouraging voter registration was raised at FMQs today, with SNP MSP Rob Gibson highlighting the allegation that almost 600,000 voters have yet to transition to individual voter registration, compared to the previous electoral register. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon urged those eligible to vote to register and “make their voice heard”.
The SNP is encouraging anyone who is not registered to vote at their current address to make sure they’re on the register by visiting and filling in their details.
Commenting, SNP MSP Rob Gibson said:
“Today is national voter registration day and there couldn’t be a better time to make sure that you are registered to vote in the coming election.
“The referendum campaign saw unprecedented levels of turnout and every one of us has a duty to do all that we can to ensure that this continues in the coming election and for years to come.
“With the election now just a matter of weeks away, it is vital that anyone who isn’t registered to vote at their current address signs up to make their vote count and Scotland’s voice heard.
“It is also absolutely vital that the issue of ensuring that everyone who has previously been registered to vote moves onto the new register in time is addressed as a priority and I hope the Electoral Commission will look at ways it can do more to help voters with this process.
“This election is a major opportunity for Scotland and I hope that people across Scotland will again turn out in great numbers to use their democratic vote.
“By electing a strong team of SNP MPs, people in Scotland have a chance to ensure that Scotland gains the powers of real Home Rule to boost job-creation and make our country a fairer one for all.”




Commenting on Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael’s admission, in evidence today to Westminster’s Scottish Affairs Committee, that the UK Government has inserted blocking clauses into its proposals for more devolution, Linda Fabiani MSP said:

“Alistair Carmichael has given the game away, by suggesting that Scotland can’t be trusted with new powers, which shows just how out of touch Westminster is with the public mood north of the border.

“Mr Carmichael has effectively admitted that Westminster is deliberately blocking the Scottish Government from being free to do as it wishes when it comes to issues like scrapping the Bedroom Tax.

“That is not true devolution and – whatever the protests about it not being a veto – it does not live up to the spirit of the Smith Commission’s report.”

Ms Fabiani added:

“Even the limited powers recommended by the Smith Commission do not live up to the pre-referendum rhetoric of the ‘Vow’ from the Unionist parties.

“And now we’re being told by Labour’s anti-devolution partners that we shouldn’t even have the Smith proposals without Westminster strings attached.

“That is exactly the kind of arrogant, out of touch approach that is doing such damage to all of the Westminster parties and which they face paying a very heavy price for in May.”

U.K. government out of touch!

U.K. government out of touch!

The U.K. government have proven over this last week they are really out of touch with their electorate.

What I write about was probably the biggest waste of monies this country has ever seen this last century.
The last big money waster was the state funeral of ex prime minister Lady Thatcher which we the general public contributed towards in one form or another.
This last week we the public once again contributed to another funeral, but this time it was once again about an ex prime minister Sir Winston Churchill, a rememberance day commemorating the end of the 1939 – 1945 war may have been acceptable for some but, the difference this time was a farcical first time re-enactment of a funeral? yes! a re-enactment of a funeral – what next? is this the start of MPs re-enactments of funerals?
To recap; will the future hold funeral re-enactments of ex Prime Ministers who have passed to the other side irrespective of their achievements which no single majority will ever agree to, so why did we get the BBC which we all pay for, spend our licence fee with such free abandon?
The BBC receive over £300million every year from Scotland, do we not have any say on how this astronomical fee is being spent, is it not about time we licence payers had a say on how this is spent – perhaps an independent body should be looking at how this £300million is being spent, comparing such places as Ireland who’s Government have sealed a cheaper and more sensible contract.

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