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Scotland starting to stand tall.

Scotland starting to stand tall.


Scotland has had enough of the Conservative – Labour – Liberal Democrats; continuing lies and fairy stories which come endlessly sprouting like verbal diarrhoea from all their orifices.


Scotland has at last recognised the political parties in Scotland and what will be good for Scotland actually reside in Scotland and not Westminster. The Westminster politicians would have us all believe we must have absolute independence as Scotland has little interest in anything South of the border – this of course we all know is rhetoric and blatant lies.


If Scotland was totally independent tomorrow all the Countries in the U.K. would still do business as it does today – you have to be an idiot not to recognise this and if you believe this you are encouraging those politicians who are intent on lining their own nests or to put it another way these politicians (of which we could all name a few!) are not interested in their constituents wherever they live, be it Scotland, England, Ireland or Wales – these politicians are on a trip of self importance, so beware of these corrupt politicians – they mean us all harm!


If you have never viewed this video from just before the last vote, it’s worth a laugh and it’s also a warning about how the corrupt will bend over backwards to try and influence us from our true path, which according to the latest reports we have to be subject to their blatant lies again before the next vote!







WESTMINSTER BALANCE OF POWER is going to be shaken up dramatically if the SNP members all vote as predicted.

O.K. how exactly does this work;
Let’s look at this carefully – in the House of Commons there are a total of 650 seats and these seats are made up with groups of each different political party.

The present controlling government (ie; March 2015) is made up of two parties;
The Conservatives 302 seats and the Liberal Democrats 56 seats.
The existing next largest number is the Labour Party with 256 seats.
Even with all these possible seats the current working government majority made up of both Conservatives and Liberal Democrats is 73.

The permutations and puzzles facing the electorate in May is going to possibly be one of the most important votes ever to be called for in the U.K.

Only a tiny minority or those who have more money than common sense want to keep the “Food Banks”, which have exploded to over 400 and rising from around 40 since this existing government came to power which will matter to many people who in the last General Election voted for either Tory or Liberal Democrat, those voters alone will be unlikely to vote that way again.


Some of our most prominent MPs have taken the “food Bank” shame as an opportunity to get their picture taken with them smiling from ear to ear as if it’s a moment of pride to be associated with, instead of fighting tooth and nail to have them closed down for good. It’s as if the government do not realise all those reliant on Food Banks need honest work to get themselves out of this trap and start being productive again!

Fracking is the next thing that was brought in, partially in stealth and once again this blot on our landscapes are suggested to be a really bad idea on our Island of U.K. Those voters again who voted for Conservative or Liberal Democrat will certainly think again before they mark that cross on their ballot papers. It’s as if the government think we are all stupid and never research or get educated on these same things which are causing people massive problems in the U.S.

One of the biggest and most shameful things that has happened to the U.K. is the entry and rising threat of the TTIP buying over our National Treasure called the NHS.


Doctors and Nurses in all different specialist health professions have attempted to enlighten the government in attempting to leave the NHS alone submitting the NHS is not for sale, unfortunately this government made up of Conservative and Liberal Democrats have ignored the requests from those at the sharp end the general public and are in the process of selling the whole bundle to a private company –


our comment here is; Doctors and nurses are the professionals who have spent many years perfecting their profession, in saying many years; this means many years longer than any politician who may be in their job for months only and who absolutely knows nothing about health care.


THIS NATIONAL DISGRACE ALONE will kill all chances of the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats coming back to power. It’s as if the government have already paved the way for their own families healthcare and don’t care about Joe Public who would just love to earn the indecent amount of £67,000 plus expenses.

The next very important point worth considering before you put your X; in the voting card is; are you aware there is no longer what used to be known as a “Welfare State”?


The “Welfare State” was brought in by a CARING Labour government who decided after the 1939-1945 War we in the U.K. needed a safety net for those who no fault of their own fell on hard times.


The existing government made up of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have killed the “Welfare State, stone dead – which in reality means there is no longer a safety net for those who have fell on hard times.


I wonder who these voters will vote for this time round?


The government today has made so many different changes within the “Social Justice” it will cause following governments massive problems trying to sort out and clean up after them.

The hard facts of the next General Election is;
If after they count the seats of the Labour – Greens – Plaid Cymru – SDLP – SNP;
amount to 324 seats it’s good riddance to the existing bad bunch

Roll on the General Election…it’s going to be interesting to view the “Media Circus” running down anything related to North of the border; and the SNP.

The English press are starting with the stark warning those voters in England that if the SNP get over fifty seats it will mean the end of the World, with probable plague and pestilence…but conveniently omitting Scotland has tolerated the exact same for many generations…the difference being; no Scottish electorate will forget the way this government has treated the voters.





Abuse and rhetoric is Scotland’s cross to suffer on, especially from those who have inflated the dangers from within in the form of Alex Salmond. Yes the same Alex Salmond who is no longer Scotland’s “First Minister”.

Every bit of media whether it be TV or press has perfected the abuse without any substance in any of their bias reports, and as the election date gets nearer we can expect the shovels to be out with all the manure they can spread.


It is already happening at every news report and every political TV report – watch and see for yourself.

The media couldn’t wait to tell Joe Public about the way the nonentity Ruth Davidson attempted to say something sensible to Scotland’s “First Minister”, followed closely by the other nonentity Kezia Dugdale.

The media and Westminster have their knives drawn for Scotland – the SNP – Nicola Sturgeon – Alex Salmond and they will continue their hassle from now on.

It’s worth remembering that Ruth Davidson’s Tory masters have been ransacking the Country for years from Westminster, it’s also worth remembering that Kezia Dugdale’s masters from Westminster are the same ones who say they will not alter the austerity firmly reported by George Osborne to escalate another umteen billion putting half the U.K. population in financial distress.

It is obvious by the lack of Nicola Sturgeon getting air time on any media there seems to be a firm hold by Westminster to stop Scotland seeing what impartiality actually means.

Scotland has NEVER EVER seen what democracy is as Westminster in all forms of political government has always treated Scotland with disdain and has always chosen the Scots to be an excellent test bed – just remember the poll tax – did you get that years poll tax back? NO? then where did it go? Your money is in someone’s bank account, but not yours!

We would suggest to whoever gets the votes in the coming election to prepare the documentation for a “Social Charter”, that cannot be touched by any politician, give it any fancy name you like; ie; double lock, triple lock, quadruple lock etc…either way the NHS – the food banks – heating our homes – are priority one, and need protecting – one thing this existing government has taught us is; nothing is sacred and nothing is safe!

In stealth they destroyed the “Welfare State”, and then controlled the media to keep it quiet until it was old news.

Poverty is the number one “Social Class”, in the U.K. in March 2015 – what a legacy on how to remember David Cameron and his silent partner Nick Clegg! – what a legacy!





Vote for SNP for English Seats in North England by the next election in 2020, this is because no-one represents them and they would love the SNP to stand up and defend them in the Westminster arena.

Labour has failed Scotland, Failed northern England and Failed Wales, they cant vote for the jokers in UKIP, greens are an even bigger joke South of the border it’s not so bad up here.

So there is no-one left other than the 100,000 strong SNP!





Nicola Sturgeon on last week’s budget and Labour’s reaction to it.


“As I said earlier, I don’t expect much good news from Tory budgets. But just a few weeks before a General Election, I think it would have been reasonable to expect a Labour Shadow Chancellor to set out what he would do differently.


That’s why I couldn’t believe my ears on Thursday morning when I heard the Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls, say on radio that there was nothing in George Osborne’s budget that he, if given the chance, would choose to reverse. Nothing in the budget of a right Tory Chancellor that Labour would reverse – what on earth has the world come to?


Well, for the avoidance of any doubt, I take a very different view – the austerity at the heart of the Tory plans must be reversed and replaced with a more moderate plan for deficit reduction that will allow essential investment in infrastructure, skills, public services and decent help for the vulnerable.

And that’s what SNP MPs will vote for.

And that in a nutshell is why I urge everyone in Scotland – including those who normally vote Labour – to vote SNP this time around.

Ed Balls has made it crystal clear that, left to it’s own devices, a Labour government would simply carry on with the same budget policies as the Tories.

I don’t believe for a minute that’s what folk across Scotland want to see.

They don’t just want a change of the colour of government – they want a real change in policies too.

Labour, on its own, can’t be trusted to deliver that.”

O.K. – now you are in no doubt what we can expect from both a Tory and Labour leadership – we all need to vote for a different party, but only the SNP are suggesting a change of austerity, don’t forget the Greens and these other political parties who want the best for our citizens – here’s a clue! None of them have their headquarters in Westminster!


Scotphobia graphics
Scotphobia is alive and kicking and bias within our U.K. media so called professionals.

Talk about rabbits being caught up in the headlights – yes! it had to happen sooner rather than later.


The celebrated so called professional journalists are spewing bile and undoubted bigotry and prejudice towards anything Scottish or people living North of the English border.


I intended to share a link, but instead I considered it was so good I copied and pasted much of these comments from The National newspaper;


Scots are soft target for abuse with ‘Jockophobia’ rife


written by Caroline Leckie;


LAST week people across the political spectrum (except Ukip) joined to condemn the racist, homophobic and sexist bile directed against Humza Yousaf, Ruth Davidson and Nicola Sturgeon.


The message thundered out loud and clear from friends and foes alike that prejudice and bigotry masquerading as political polemic will not be tolerated in Scottish political life. And about time too, will be the reaction of most reasonable people.


But let’s also look at another phobia that has begun to infest political debate across the UK. Scotophobia – or “Jockophobia” as it was called by London-based, pro-union Scottish journalist Hugo Rifkind.


As Labour and Tory politicians have acknowledged, the portrayal of Nicola Sturgeon in the now infamous doctored Sun photograph was blatantly misogynist. So too was the cartoon in the Daily Mail of Nicola Sturgeon with Ed Miliband in her cleavage, and the opinion column in the same newspaper under the grotesque headline “Ms Bonkers Barnet Flashed Her Majorities”.


But there is another dimension to this abuse that will be uncomfortable for some of our political leaders. The abuse of Nicola Sturgeon is powered in part by a rising tide of contempt towards Scotland, bordering at times on outright hatred, for having had the temerity to question the future of the United Kingdom.


And it’s not just confined to the right-wing press either. A cartoon in The Guardian by the right-on Steve Bell sought to portray Scotland as a nation of of incestuous country dancers. Then we have a more polite version of the same disdain in another upmarket newspaper, The Times, as the normally measured Matthew Parris tells us that “Aggressive Scots Can Take The High Road”, and confesses an “iciness towards the Scots” brought on by the independence referendum and the surging support for the SNP.


And these are the paid professionals of the media. A random trawl through the online comments of the English press reveals an ugly undertone of anti-Scottish venom that is reminiscent of the attitude towards the Irish at the height of the Troubles.


When David Cameron uses Alex Salmond as the bogeyman to discredit Ed Miliband, he is exploiting that ugly vein of bigotry. And when Ed Miliband rules out any prospect of a coalition, he is running scared of it. The same politicians who told us a few months ago that the UK was “an equal partnership of nations” now tell us up in Scotlandshire that we can never be involved in the government of the UK unless we vote for London-controlled political parties.


During the referendum, Yes campaigners were unfairly accused of being anti-English for supporting the equality of nations. Yet the paradox is that Anglophobia, which was for a time in the 1980s and 1990s a force on the fringes of Scottish nationalism, is now dead and buried.


Indeed, if The National or the Sunday Herald were to carry cartoons, headlines and opinion columns expressing such hostile sentiments towards the English nation, all hell would break loose. I’ve heard no anti-English sentiment from those who want independence. But I’ve seen and heard plenty of hate being directed towards “the Scotch”.


Thank you Caroline Leckie; you are just saying what the rest of us have known for some time now – it seems the biggest threat to Scotland’s future seems to be the likes of the bias BBC or ITV along with well healed newspapers.



Pay Day Loans are nothing more than licensed Loan Sharks!



PAYDAY LOANS – Our government ignore the facts there are thousands of citizens with their head on the pay-day loan chopping board.

The Bank of England have reported that the interest rates will remain stable at 0.5%.

The mystery in this gets more baffling each year; as an example in the seventies the Bank of England thought nothing in telling the voters the interest rates stood at around 5.0%. At that time you could get a loan at around 5.0%.

It would be automatic for those requesting a loan to expect it similar to today’s 0.5% B.O.E. interest rate reported. – During the seventies credit cards also had a much lower interest rate than today’s interest rates. For example; I can report I had a loan in the Netherlands during the seventies and the interest rate there then was; 1.3%

The Scottish Government were taking strides to ban these pay-day loan sharks – what happened to these ideas?

Without naming these robbing loan sharks I can tell you that some of the loan rates are nothing short of criminal – yet our Westminster government are allowing these cowboys into the country to cripple the voters – as an example again, here are just some of the rates offered to those struggling to make ends meet or struggling to buy food or heating oil/ coal or electricity;

1,212% – 1295% – 845% – 1272% – 433.71% – 49.9% – 1269% – 993% – 1223.6% – 1269.7% – 1509% 

As you can read one of these has the unbelievable 1509%APR. All these companies should be banned from our Country, including the one at 49.9% – at the bank rate set at 0.5% these loans are nothing short of theft – in reality loan rates and credit card rates should be at their lowest rates ever considering the 0.5% from the Bank of England.

Surely the government are aware that low loan rates and low credit card rates will quickly make the country flourish? Surely these loan sharks will be kicked out of the country, if not our country will never prosper.


Scotland is the World champions in what?

Dalreoch tea graphic


Scotland is the World champions in what?



Tea is drunk all over the World by most nations which brings in the World champion tea producers.

You may suggest; the best tea comes from India, China, Ceylon or maybe another well known tea producers – so read the following and be surprised if you haven’t heard…

Winner of best tea in the world at the Salon de The awards in Paris.


A unique tea from the first ever Scottish tea plantation on the Dalreoch Farm Estate in the Scottish Highlands.

This light white tea has a delicate smoky aroma to complement the natural sweetness of the tea. On the palate, expect fruity, peachy and nutty tones with a delicate initial hint of smoke. Smooth, warming and woody.
Taste & strength
Light and refreshing.
When to drink
Enjoy all day.
Where to buy it; Fortnum & Mason




Our Country is in a terrible state if this video is even half correct – it reinforces the awful situation on how the politicians have betrayed us.

All politicians characters should be snow white and crystal clear so that the voters have an honest picture of the type of politician we want – this video clarifies we need a massive bottle of Domestos and a wire scrubbing brush!




Our NHS is in danger – we now need a documented all party “Social Charter”, which protects our social welfare and our NHS.



The only logical and positive way to do this is to make sure it is written into the constitution of all Countries which make up the U.K.


You have to ask yourself; why was this not done over the last years? the answer is quite simple; the answer is the Tories and the Liberal Democrats have been filling our head with fairy stories and garbage and who is going to seriously believe they didn’t actually know they intended to sell off our National treasure?

TTIP graphic

The worst thing to hit the U.K. ever!!!

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