Nicola Sturgeon on last week’s budget and Labour’s reaction to it.


“As I said earlier, I don’t expect much good news from Tory budgets. But just a few weeks before a General Election, I think it would have been reasonable to expect a Labour Shadow Chancellor to set out what he would do differently.


That’s why I couldn’t believe my ears on Thursday morning when I heard the Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls, say on radio that there was nothing in George Osborne’s budget that he, if given the chance, would choose to reverse. Nothing in the budget of a right Tory Chancellor that Labour would reverse – what on earth has the world come to?


Well, for the avoidance of any doubt, I take a very different view – the austerity at the heart of the Tory plans must be reversed and replaced with a more moderate plan for deficit reduction that will allow essential investment in infrastructure, skills, public services and decent help for the vulnerable.

And that’s what SNP MPs will vote for.

And that in a nutshell is why I urge everyone in Scotland – including those who normally vote Labour – to vote SNP this time around.

Ed Balls has made it crystal clear that, left to it’s own devices, a Labour government would simply carry on with the same budget policies as the Tories.

I don’t believe for a minute that’s what folk across Scotland want to see.

They don’t just want a change of the colour of government – they want a real change in policies too.

Labour, on its own, can’t be trusted to deliver that.”

O.K. – now you are in no doubt what we can expect from both a Tory and Labour leadership – we all need to vote for a different party, but only the SNP are suggesting a change of austerity, don’t forget the Greens and these other political parties who want the best for our citizens – here’s a clue! None of them have their headquarters in Westminster!