Scotland is the World champions in what?

Dalreoch tea graphic

Scotland is the World champions in what?



Tea is drunk all over the World by most nations which brings in the World champion tea producers.

You may suggest; the best tea comes from India, China, Ceylon or maybe another well known tea producers – so read the following and be surprised if you haven’t heard…

Winner of best tea in the world at the Salon de The awards in Paris.


A unique tea from the first ever Scottish tea plantation on the Dalreoch Farm Estate in the Scottish Highlands.

This light white tea has a delicate smoky aroma to complement the natural sweetness of the tea. On the palate, expect fruity, peachy and nutty tones with a delicate initial hint of smoke. Smooth, warming and woody.
Taste & strength
Light and refreshing.
When to drink
Enjoy all day.
Where to buy it; Fortnum & Mason