U.K. politicians starting to get worried about the election outcome – as predicted, we did suggest that the heavyweight big guns would be due out to squeal about the injustice of the voting methods in Scotland.

If as many have predicted that the SNP get anywhere close to the fifty MPs it’s suggested they will get then Westminster will be very close to a hung parliament – it is in this entanglement that voting for what is good for the country as whole will be acceptable to the SNP as long as it is good for “social justice”, for the whole of the United Kingdom – if they attempt to bring in further austerity it will be tackled face on and stopped.

It will be good for the whole of the U.K. if we can get rid of these “food banks”, and it will be good for the whole of the U.K. if Scotland starts to dig themselves out of this eternal pit – why are these politicians so blind?

Only today we learn that Scotland has the Worlds finest tea of all things – judged by experts from all the different teas from around the World, Scotland now has the best!

We now need to watch and learn exactly how Westminster and their tricksters attempt once again to alter the outcome of a Countries future – what monster lies will they tell? What dirt will they dig up which stains the character of those we in Scotland believe in? What evil plan will be hatched to make sure Scotland is not the one which will return the U.K. into a civilised society with citizens who care about “social justice”.