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Trident: The US connection

Trident: The US connection


The UK government’s claim that its Trident nuclear weapon system is independent is false – it is both technically and politically dependent on the United States.



Both countries signed a bilateral treaty on nuclear weapon cooperation in 1958, the US-UK Mutual Defence Agreement. The treaty established an agreement between both countries to exchange classified information to develop their respective nuclear weapon systems and is reviewed and renewed every ten years, most recently in 2004.

At the time of the latest agreement, an Early Day Motion was laid down in the House of Commons stating that the extension of the treaty ‘undermines’ UK and US commitments to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, as its signatories are expected not to transfer any nuclear weapons or explosive devices. It is due next to be renewed in 2014.

The government recently confirmed UK and US officials routinely share information on their respective nuclear weapons systems as part of the treaty renewal process.



As a consequence of this treaty, the UK relies on the US for many aspects of Trident. The UK does not own the Trident II D5 missiles it uses; rather they are leased from the US.

The British submarines must regularly visit the US base in Kings Bay, Georgia, for the maintenance and replacement of these missiles.

The UK pays the US Department of Defense an annual contribution of £12 million towards the overall cost of this base.

The UK government has also recently paid the US £250 million to participate in a missile life extension programme. The missiles are now planned to be in service until the 2040s.


The UK warhead is a copy of the US one, with some components directly bought from the US. The UK works closely on the design and maintenance of its nuclear warheads with the three main US nuclear weapons laboratories, Lawrence Livermore in California and Los Alamos and Sandia in New Mexico.

Components for British nuclear weapons are transported by air and road between AWE Aldermaston and the US weapons laboratories for ongoing tests. 

The UK participates in numerous exchange visits with staff from the US nuclear weapons laboratories. It also participates with the US in “sub-critical” nuclear tests (tests which fall just short of releasing a nuclear explosion). 

While the Vanguard-class submarines are made in the UK, at the Barrow-in-Furness shipyard in Cumbria, the design is based on the United States Navy’s Ohio Class Trident submarines.

Trident is dependent on the larger US system for practical information such as weather and navigational data. The US has the ability to deny British submarines access to its GPS navigation system at any time, meaning the UK would not be able to target a nuclear weapon if this happened.

Additionally, Trident is not politically independent. It has been assigned to the US-dominated NATO since the 1960s, meaning Trident could be used against a country attacking another NATO member state. Since NATO has not adopted a no-first-use policy, it could also be used pre-emptively against another country that was perceived to be a threat. It is inconceivable that the UK would use Trident without prior discussion and approval by the US President.

By having such a direct involvement in Britain’s nuclear weapons system, the US exercises significant leverage over the UK’s foreign and defence policy. Trident therefore compromises, rather than asserts, British independence.

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miliband graphic

You may find this funny but do not forget this person is likely to be the new British Prime Minister!



LABOUR LEADER CAUGHT OUT TELLING WHOPPERSElection or not this continuing and never ending streaming of lies within the political parties must stop – it is badly effecting the trust voters have in our voting system, and it is already leaving a bitter taste.



In Scotland at present if it’s not one of the daily spreadsheets it’s the BBC or ITV spilling garbage everywhere – it makes it all the more annoying when it’s us the general public actually paying their wages.



Ever since Scotland “First Minister”, Nicola Sturgeon stood her ground in the ITV so called “Leaders Debates”, the ridiculous stories have been coming from everywhere and everyone trying to undermine Scotland’s “First Minister” .



Have a read at the next poison pen story getting ready for the usual “blow it out of all proportions” media bile and you will instantly know we are going to have to endure this until the 7th of May 2015


Ed Miliband has challenged the SNP to “come clean” on the “dramatic reductions in public spending” that will follow on from nationalist plans to make Holyrood responsible for raising all the cash it spends.


An example of the Westminster and Whitehall phantom stories hitting the U.K. media this month – it’s obvious they have no shame! Lies! Lies! and more Lies!
From the HeraldScotland via Peter A Bell;

Peter A Bell’s insight:



Not for the first time, Ed Miliband is talking utter drivel. There is only one thing you need to know about Full Fiscal Autonomy (FFA) – it isn’t going to happen!



I have seen some of the more deranged British nationalists talking about SNP MPs “forcing through” legislation to give Scotland FFA. Arithmetic is not the friend of those making such outlandish claims. Even if the SNP won every seat in Scotland that would only give them 59 out of 650. It’s pretty safe to assume that every one of those non-SNP MPs would oppose such a move. And, given that neither of the parties which may be in government is going to introduce such legislation, it’s never going to come to a vote in any case.



Talk of an “FFA threat” to Scotland’s finances is palpable nonsense. There is no such threat. It is not even substantial enough to be called a phantom threat. It is no threat at all.



So, why is it even being discussed? The answer is simple. Scaremongering! Vacuous, clumsily contrived scaremongering to rival the worst of what we saw from Better Together during the referendum campaign. The hope is that if talk of a “£7.6billion black hole” is bandied around enough some of the mud will stick and the SNP will be associated with an economic catastrophe that is entirely mythical.



British nationalists will doubtless retort that Nicola Sturgeon stated that she would vote for FFA; and do so in the first year of the parliament. The British nationalists may be too stupid to know the difference between a hypothetical and a factual question, but Sturgeon most certainly isn’t. Had she been asked if she would vote for an end to all disease tomorrow then she would surely have said yes. But only an idiot would imagination this to mean either that she would have the opportunity to vote on such a matter or that her vote would be meaningful.



Of course SNP MPs would vote for FFA! As a matter of principle, they will always vote for more powers for the Scottish Parliament. That doesn’t alter the fact that there is not going to be a vote on FFA.



But the deception being perpetrated by the British parties does not end with silly scaremongering about an impossible scenario. It hardly needs to be said that they alo totally misrepresent the effect of FFA. They trumpet this £7.6billion deficit as if it is a consequence of FFA. It is not! Even assuming that the actual figure is not inflated, the reality is that we already have this deficit by virtue of being part of the UK.



The figure of £7.6billion is Scotland’s per capita share of the the UK budget deficit. It is not something that suddenly appears as a result of FFA. It is already there. And we are already paying for it. Scotland’s share of costs associated with its per capita share of the UK deficit are paid out of Scotland’s contribution to UK tax revenues. In terms of the deficit and what it costs us, FFA actually changes nothing.



So all this scaremongering is doubly vacuous. There is no “threat” of FFA. and even if there was, it wouldn’t be a threat.







SCOTLAND’S “FIRST MINISTER”,NICOLA STURGEON BEING ABUSED BY ITV AND BBC will be stepped up over the next four weeks.
The last two debates from ITV and BBC were set up against the SNP as both sets of the SPECIALLY selected audience participation were completely unrepresented of Scottish opinion.


The audiences were selected on current opinion polls and the last GENERAL election result – which to my logic was total garbage and blatant lies – I won’t go into the ifs and buts as an infant could make more reasoned decisions.



Those with more money than brains spent some big bucks attempting to drag down Scotland’s “First Minister”, when is she going to be recognised as; Scotland’s “First Minister”, it should be normal and correct from the public servants; ie; BBC and ITV, but we hear everything from some of their so called professional reporters; for example; her – she- Mrs Sturgeon – etc – etc…



An open comment to the press, ITV and BBC – Scotland’s “First Minister”, represents Scotland’s voters and should be respected as such – it should not be a method of trying to wind up those voters who care, or the “respected Scottish “First Minister”. Scottish voters recognise her as Scotland’s “First Minister”, so media; why don’t you shock us all and do the same, or does being professional matter nowt!

I’m convinced the media are so used to manipulating the public that it comes as second nature to lie and make up stories and with this in mind it does not take any deep thinking that the establishment put their minute men in there to manipulate the visual results – they got away with it in Scotland’s last election, so why change habits of a lifetime – after all they do need to keep the old school, The Old School.

Now that we know “The Old School” is in charge it’s not a huge step to consider the media which includes every Newspaper and rag, including the TV networks will be in overtime fixing what they can and where they can over the next four weeks.

We can also expect the “Old School”, bringing up to Scotland the has-been’s of yesteryear in the form of politicians who are desperate for monies and taking advantage of their situation before they are kicked out of their respective seats, are working for over inflated expenses for telling whoppers and telling the gullible public they are true to their own beliefs and you must vote for their party because they actually believe their own lies, bile and garbage.


BBC Graphic

BBC, are they really neutral?



SCOTLAND’S VOTERS HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO VOTE SNP and in case you have either forgotten or a little bit confused I’m going to tell you why.
For over fifty years Scotland’s majority voted for the working mens party which at those times was represented by the Labour Party – Prime Minister Tony Blair killed stone dead the well known and renowned Labour Party which before Blair cared for “Social Justice and voters welfare rights.
At various times during these political party changing “General Elections”, the Labour party in all it’s representative “Working Mans party” had the majority of local seats within different local councils – did they ever do any good? Personally I think they were as good as a chocolate tea-pot.
Irrespective of who gets into power South of the border we in Scotland have always wagged the tail, much to the delight of political parties like the Tories and recently the Liberal Democrats.
The existing government have a current 73 majority of seats thanks to the addition if the, “We’ll work with anybody party”, ie; the Liberal Democrats.
Scotland has trusted these cowboys for years hoping this time things will change – they never have changed and never will change unless we the voters change, BECAUSE the Labour Party is controlled and manipulated from England by back-room politics.
We voters in Scotland are sending out clear messages that, “Now They Understand”, that it is only an SNP government who are at all interested in working for Scotland – it has been made obvious over the last twelve months that the majority of MPs are only there for the beer, for example a certain Orkney MP who makes a fortune in expenses.
Scotland must surely realise that the more seats the SNP get in this next election on May the 7th that Scotland will at last have a say – for those people who live in Scotland it must be obvious by this time the SNP is supporting you wherever you originate from.


Putting the case more bluntly; vote Labour and Scotland has no voice – vote SNP and Scotland has a voice. The SNP have already said they would not work with the Tories.


Scotland – waken up! it’s time for major changes!



Aberdeen Labour Party – Operation Fear is alive and kicking yet again in Mastrick, Aberdeen yesterday where labour party members were trying every dirty trick in the book to get voters on their side to vote for Scottish Labour.

Yesterday saw an amazing sight that even shocked this blog author, labour party workers in a once labour stronghold of Mastrick an ex council estate in Aberdeen that are now 90% owner occupied turning their backs on the now fully discredited Scottish Labour party.

Every door they went to along Birkhall Parade they were told where to go, some people just slammed the door in their faces others stood toe to toe and demanded local labour boy Willie Young should resign.

Scottish Labour in Aberdeen had nothing to offer other than fear of what would happen if the SNP were to win most of the seats in the general election.

When asked what they had to offer the people of Scotland, the reply was silence, negative campaigning does not engage anyone any more, Scots are more savvy these days.
Let us remind Scottish Labour they are in bed with the conservatives on so many fronts, it was them that introduced the most hated of all organisations in the UK, ATOS.

Two years ago at the height of demo’s they stated the first thing they would do is get rid of them since then what have we heard, nothing at all.

Anne Begg Labour MP Aberdeen South, has not once stood up for local people having problems with ATOS or DWP, I have seen emails sent to her and she has not even replied to any of them, this is the face of the new Scottish Labour’s caring side, not bad for a disabled woman herself and chair of the select committee on disability perhaps she only got the nod to stay silent on such matters to keep her in post.

Word is Calum McCaig, SNP will destroy her seat in 4 weeks’ time.
Basically Scottish Labour are finished, they have completely lost the trust of the Scottish people who voted for them for years without question and now know they were taken for granted and totally abused their relationship with their deep-rooted supporters.

Operation Fear worked well last September but it’s hard to pull the same rabbit out of the bag a second time and if that’s all Scottish Labour has to offer this time around they could be beaten into fourth behind the Tories and the Scottish Green Party and had they voted for Scottish independence it would be they that would be the leaders this is the truth behind Scottish Labour, the Branch of Westminster labour HQ.







2013 forecasts from the Child Poverty Action Group has come to disastrous fruition – as long ago as 2013 the Child Poverty Action Group warned us all about our future – can you imagine what their warning would be today?


Perhaps they would tell us how another 100,000 children in Scotland are part of the fantastic poverty plan forced on Scotland by the Conservative/Lib Dem government over that time since 2013 with no signs of any respite or plan to bring back social justice, or perhaps they would tell us that food banks had exploded into over 400 and rising, from an original and disgraceful 40.


This is the original WARNING and ALARM from the Child Poverty Action Group;



’A report from the Child Poverty Action Group has condemned the Westminster Government’s benefit uprating plans as ‘based on bogus claims and is a poverty-producing bill that will further exclude the poorest workers, jobseekers, carers and disabled people’.The Westminster Government is in the process of legislating to break the link between benefits and inflation, by capping any increase to benefits payments of 1% per annum, well below the rate of inflation.

This is expected to have the cumulative effect of introducing a 4% real-terms cut to working-age benefits payments received by workers, jobseekers, carers and disabled people over the next three years.

Commenting, SNP Work and Pensions spokesperson Eilidh Whiteford MP for Banff and Buchan  said:

“This report makes damning reading for the Westminster Government who are set to throw their commitments to tackle child poverty out the window by hammering some of the poorest people in society.

“It shows that their arguments are fundamentally flawed and are set to do untold damage to thousands and thousands of people across Scotland.“The Coalition’s welfare plans will inevitably only increase poverty and increase inequality in society, which is why they have been condemned in such stark and unequivocal terms.

“It could scarcely be clearer that the Westminster Government has its priorities all wrong and are failing to act in the interests of people in Scotland.“Decisions over taxes and welfare in Scotland should be made by people in Scotland so that we can build the kind of country that Westminster has consistently failed to deliver.


Here we are in 2015 and we can all see that the great majority of families in the U.K. are having to tolerate;

1/ lower incomes coupled with higher living costs.

2/ Food banks with starving children.

3/ No “Welfare safety net”.

4/ School teachers having to take into school extra food to feed starving children.

Please remember this is 2015 and not 1915!


Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon




After complaints from Scotland’s “First Minister” about the tissue of lies fabricated about the “First Minister’s” meeting with the French ambassador.

Scotland’s “First Minister” demanded a probe how the Daily Telegraph manufactured this story which supposedly came from insiders within Whitehall.


The First Minister said: “This story has already been shown to be 100 per cent untrue – having been comprehensively rejected by both the French ambassador and Consul General.


“The real issue is how a second hand and inaccurate account of this meeting – which was not even attended by the UK Government – came to be written by a UK Government civil servant and then leaked to Tory-supporting newspapers at the start of a General Election campaign.


“It suggests a Whitehall system out of control – a place where political dirty tricks are manufactured and leaked. 


“But roll back from this a little bit here, there should no longer be any questions to me about whether I’ve said these things. Not only have I said I didn’t say them, the person I was having the conversation with said I didn’t say them.


“That fact that I am still being asked these questions is completely missing the point here.

“The point is, who in the UK Government put together this inaccurate account and who gave it to the Daily Telegraph.”


International Scotland comment.;;

Well readers; we did tell you the knives are out for anything north of the border including Scotland’s “First Minister”, Alex Salmond and the SNP politicians. This is only the start of the rubbish likely to come from over the border – these muck spreaders will find Scottish voters will remember this.




The Westminster politicians proved this week that “Child Sex Abuse” is acceptable within THEIR RANKS.

To explain; this story concentrates on certain caring politicians changing the Law enough for the “Official Secrets Act” not to be able to hide or protect those who use “The Official Secrets Act” to hide behind if involved with “Child Sex Abuse”.


Check out those names who voted for “NO CHANGE”, is your local MP in these ranks? If they are, you should be concerned!

You can find the story at;




I have to admit it’s a sad day reading some of the recent reports.


I can remember Gordon Brown once had a very popular column in the Sunday Post newspaper and in his column – little did I realise that what he was writing in his column was absolute rubbish and blatant lies. In no years afterwards when he was in government did he carry out his promises he made during his time as column writer with the Sunday Post.


I well remember when he swore every week for nearly a year in some part or taking up his whole column in the Sunday Post newspaper about the plight of old age pensioners getting a raw deal – I considered at the time, here was possibly one politician going to look after the Social Justice side of politics – I can tell you here and now, he gained many votes (falsely!) on the back of his Sunday Post column.


Since that time; he has been our financial overseer in the U.K. and also the U.K.s Prime Minister and we all know how he managed these two tasks for the Country.


We are now into 2015 and Gordon Brown is still making up stories and fairy tails, I for one have learned to keep well away from his Jackanori stories.

Gordon Brown graphic

Gordon Brown story teller extraordinare

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