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2015 Election Rigged Evidance has started to be shown on YOUTUBE very strange how we Scots never got told and about the missing & stolen ballots in London.

Funny how the English said we were not robbed when it was our turn in the indy vote but very keen to now say it was!

Stick with this video and UKIP might have a case of their leader being robbed of a seat its bad enough the Government has 55 SNP plus one Alex but how unbearable would have been for Cameron and co having to suffer Farage at the same time?

Postal votes can no longer be trusted and open to megga abuse as we saw in Scotland last year and we still dont know what happened when the Tory party was opening postal ballots in England last year and admitted to from Ruth Davidson on live BBC TV just after the vote fills no-one with confidence, does it?









British Polling Council launches pollsters accuracy inquiry after “They couldn’t have got it more wrong, scenario”.

It was only after 10 pm on the night of the election it was revealed that the Tories were expected to win.


I wonder if their enquiry will cover how the Tories scared the English voters into not voting for Labour using the SNP as their big stick?


As the BBC South East shows in the graphic above – this was nothing more than bare faced bias which is part of the agenda designed by the Tories to terrify the English. How could the BBC say this is not bias?

Will they enquire into why the Tories don’t want proportional representation? The last thing the Tories want to see in the U.K. Can you imagine the panic if they removed all the regional boundaries which the Tories and Labour have been moving about like chess pieces for years south of the border.
I think we can forecast that any inquiry that’s held will come to zilch, after all we know if Scotland is involved it’s better scuppering any inquiry that may show up as dirty politics.
Although in Scotland the majority have now realised the SNP are for the people of Scotland there is still remnants of other political parties in certain parts of Scotland – I’m still amazed there are some who vote for the Tories in Scotland – I mean why? is it bloody mindedness?
The Scots once again are trying to lead from behind with progressive politics, will they be allowed to exert their political agenda with the sitting maniacs in Westminster? We shall see!
Anything that Scotland gets via the SNP will be an uphill struggle as the status quo is exactly what the Tories want to keep – the SNP or should that be Scotland? are rocking the financial boat.
Surely, the people of Scotland can see that independence is looking ahead, hopefully the Westminster government will realise Scotland needs lots more powers or they are just going to be one big pain in their behinds.
By giving Scotland much more powers it does not take a genius to work out this may be enough to stave off the progress of independent thoughts for Scotland – or will it?



SNP makes UK political history with almost a total landslide with only 3 seats left to other parties of labour, Tory and Libdems what a rout.

1.4M votes another Scottish record broken, Westminster will hate it, the English will be amazed and the rest of the world will be in total shock.

They might finish with 329 true blues but they only need to lose the support of three votes and its tatties as we say up here.

Scottish Labour is out of ideas, out of MP’s, they lost their stupid Murph the Smurf appartently in their crazy rules their leader has to be a sitting MP oh well that means there can only be 1 and he does not want it, what a shambles that only Scottish labour can manage.

Ed says vote for us you get a labour government another porky.

Congrats to the new SNP Aberdeen south and north MP’s and lets face it Anne Begg did naff all for Scottish disabled people and only has herself to blame for her massive defeat.

Congrats to Kirsty Blackman a very hard working local councillor gets her just rewards, well done Kirsty.

To top it all off the biggest political swing in history of any kind proves Scotland is a political force to be feared and now very much respected!



SNP has won over 50 seats on predictions by 1.30am UK time and the greatest result in the SNP’s political history.

Why has this happened, that’s easy, Scottish labour totally failed the people of Scotland for years, they lied about extra powers to Scotland before the last indy vote.

This website warned what would happen, how is it we were right, that’s easy to we are Scots that’s sick to death about having our views ignored at Westminister and this result so far won’t change that, not one jot.

If Scottish labour had the guts and stood up to the london labour HQ and went with their local party members this story would not be this way.

The conservatives will push for an EU out deal and the indy mark 2 will be back on the agenda just like this site predicted 6 months ago.

Scottish labour started losing the plot north of the wall from 2007 and now they are about to be wiped out for a generation because most of the party workers are jumping ship to the SNP would not have the ground troops to fight another indy NO Vote which now means a yes vote is only a few years away and if the Tory government treats Scots the same as the last five years, it looks like the people of Scotland will demand that second vote even sooner.


political graphic

Liberal Democrats prove how useless they have been for the U.K.



LIBERAL DEMOCRATS PROVE MONEY IS THEIR FIRST LOVE and the Tories are already beholding to them for the majority of rubbish being shovelled onto the British citizens for the last five years – which raises the question;





Are the Liberal Democrats the perfect example of MPs getting £67,000 plus expenses for doing absolutely naff-all? It certainly looks like it!



Thanks to the research of we can see how the Liberal Democrats have done nothing of note except support a ruthless Tory government. 

Conservative – Lib Dems joint venture into destruction of Social Justice.

money facts graphic

Money facts

Conservative – Lib Dems joint venture into destruction of Social Justice.



Conservative – Lib Dems joint venture into destruction of Social Justice. What a year we have just been witness to.
When your debating at the last minute or are undecided about where to put your voting cross consider what the existing sitting British government have done over the last twelve months alone;
They have boasted about deaths of the sick by telling everybody they have got these scroungers back to work – no comment has been made about the thousands who have been either buried or cremated after the victims of this oppression have lost all hope for their futures and could take no more so many of them have taken their own lives.


The foodbanks in the U.K. have been so abused by the government it has mushroomed to over 400 food banks from an original 40.

While this goes on, no mention has been made that the U.K. spends four(4) times more than any other Country on arms, bullets and bombs.
Fracking has become a dirty word in the U.K. and as we all know fracking is not a good thing and never will be if they don’t let the general public vote in a crystal clear environment and know all the true facts – I say true facts as the U.S. have been spinning stories about fracking for years.
The NHS must be turned around and opened up to the logical position of getting the security of the NHS into a safe and secure contract which cannot be touched or altered by politicians – there is no excuse for this not to be protected using public funds, certainly not while they are spending four times more than any other Country on weapons, bullets and bombs.
It is being reported today that TTIP is under investigation by Europe – it’s little wonder that such a company ever got so close to looking after our NHS – seemingly they have in their contract, note I said their contract – if they do not get the profit as expected they have the right to take the government to court and claim loss? I ask you money before life – they need chased back to where they surfaced from – if this lots get any further into the NHS there will be a knock on effect in Scotland.


During the last couple of years the sitting government has found out that our long serving safety net called the “Welfare System”, stopped them from doing the dirty on those citizens who for one reason or another were either sick or disabled so without any considerations on transitional changes or bringing their changes in, in a caring manner they killed the “Welfare State”, stone dead and in turn this removed the safety net…this was one of the main reasons why ex service personnel had to sleep and die in the gutter – not bad considering these ex service personnel could possibly have been involved with these caring politicians mini wars throughout the World – so as it stands at present any ex serviceman has no safety net which actually works, and before anybody screams about organisations such as the British Legion, these organisations are not equipped for ex service personel who are in immediate need now/today/tonight.

The real crunch is these MPs who have caused many problems for their citizens are paid a whopping £67,000 plus expenses and it should not be forgotten it is possible for some to get up to £250,000 with expenses – you should also remember the majority of these MPs have absolutely no qualifications for many of the jobs they are assigned to – the most that many have experience in is pushing a pen or counting paper-clips.
We are now promised yet another 12 billion to be taken from where? the sitting government has told no one where they are expecting to take this money from – are they sure they work for us? should we not know exactly where this money is coming from?
Now that the country has many, many poor citizens another 12 billion will make life even harder for those who already have nothing so food banks will get busy, old people will be getting hypothermia because they cannot afford their heating bills, more forced bills will be pushed through the rotten parliament and the NHS will die a slow painful death along with thousands of patients.


Labour party graphic

Labour Party mob fix




Last nights so called Leaders debate on the Establishment based bias BBC Scotland hosted by Glen Campbell (no not the Country & Western singer) who has a permanent bias chip on his shoulders once again highlighted the nasty political agenda spearheaded from the “Old Guard”, in Westminster.



I reckon now I could write out their expected scripts they churn out at every political meeting – secure in the knowledge the Labour leader in Scotland will tell more fairy stories, and the forlorn one and only Tory always attempting to justify why the Tories have been putting the U.K. citizens into financial distress for the last five years. What about the way the Liberal Democrats find it so convenient to forget they too were part of that same rotten bandwagon that has caused misery to so many…and still is!




They all talk about austerity as if it is a normal everyday word which in reality when you check out “The Oxford English Dictionary”, you can read the meaning of that awful word means;  FORCED HARDSHIP, that so called forced hardship is causing all sorts of problems such as pensioners are struggling to meet their commitments for their heating systems, while food banks have rocketed from the original 40 food banks, five years ago to over 400 food banks today. How about sick and disabled?



Well we have all read the horror stories which although well known do not get proper coverage from our so called neutral TV and media…and while this goes on the politicians are still facing the public with their bare faced lies…I could go on and on about how this “forced Hardship”, has virtually destroyed British spirit, but this would only flatter and swell the heads of these so called MPs who would have difficulty boiling an egg, let alone running a government department.


Just imagine getting paid £67,000 plus expenses every year for NOT knowing what your doing – MPs do!



Have little look at the graphic above, it shows the lengths the Labour party are going in Scotland – do you think they all do likewise?


fake graphic

Fake document being distributed in Scotland central belt!




It has come to the attention of International Scotland staff that the dirty tricks are starting in earnest.


Let’s look at this in a bit more depth!


We have been reading bias reports from the press and every interviewer on every channel for the last couple of months especially about the Labour and SNP plans and recently non plans from the leader of the Labour party.


The general idea is for political parties in power to have a full house of at least 326 seats which gives them enough to pull any idea into reality within the Country.


We know that we are likely to have a close voting result in the U.K. on the 7th of May 2015 with the two main political parties, ie; Conservatives and Labour having more seats than any other parties including Scotland’s SNP – it should be pointed out at this point it has been suggested Ed. Miliband could well be the next U.K. Prime Minister.



We did tell you before; IT MUST NOT BE UNDERESTIMATED WHAT PEOPLE IN POWER WILL DO TO STAY THERE! So let’s look at this in perspective – if we assume the Labour Party has more seats than the Conservatives after May the 7th, but not quite enough to reach the needed 326 votes, remembering Ed Miliband has already stated he would not be willing to work with the SNP under any type of contract, but in this scenario Labour needs to pass an important vote, there is nothing to stop the Tories from voting with Labour – in other words anything signed between Labour and Conservative/Lib Dem over the last five years that has not been implemented as yet will go through as was the original idea. The only way this could be thwarted is if the likely PM Ed Miliband made an arrangement with the SNP – If Ed Miliband does dig his heels in the next five years will be proof plus that Independence is Scotland’s only way out!



The SNP would be in an impossible situation and be shut out, which if the TV and Media are to be even half believed, then it does look as if the Labour and Conservative Parties are planning to shaft the SNP and the respected voters in Scotland…and not only for the purposes of getting their already agreed upon bills through the House of Commons.



To reply to this comment; the U.K. has been governed by either the Tories and Labour for the majority of the last 100 years – any minor parties that have developed over that time have either been a break away of another smaller party or ripped to shreds in the media as being everything bad for our society. For any other party to seriously interfere with the “Old Guard” of the Labour or Conservative it would need at least 250 seats BEFORE the Labour or Conservative Parties would be concerned.



The other obvious dangers in this permutation is if Wales, Ireland or Scotland became interested in what was possible as this mean the possibility of Independence in Wales, Scotland and Ireland that make up the so call United Kingdom would become a threat to that “Old Guard”.



Scotland as we all know is thoroughly browned off with voting for nothing at every General Election, so no one reading this should be surprised that the majority of Scots want Independence which at present is being forced upon them because the voters wishes are not being respected, especially by the Labour and Conservative Parties.

For Scotland to succeed after the 7th of May 2015, Scotland’s voters need to consider the only alternative left which is workable – ie; Independence!


Scottish graphic

Scotland – Independence? You know it makes sense!



The voting system in U.K. needs to get disinfectant poured onto it for a good clean up, and along with many of the dirty and corrupt politicians things need to be crystal clear and transparent, especially those with financial interests which devalue politicians and gets in the way of politicians being honest and upstanding members of society!

The voting system is dated and does not and cannot move with the times which is becoming more obvious by the day – the last year in Scotland has made everybody living in Scotland politically savvy.

A more sensible way to vote is positively proportional representation which makes every and each vote matter – Scotland in particular has been shackled for at least the last 100 years. (see;

A majority in parliament at present needs to have 326 seats for a majority in the House of Commons
One party could decide to form a minority government, filling all the ministerial roles with its own MPs but relying on votes from outside the party to pass any bills.

There are no rules on how they must draw up any agreement.

The outcome of discussions could be a formal pact, where the parties agree to vote together on all bills, or it could be that the government has to persuade other parties to vote with them on a case-by-case basis.

In the run-up to the election, several party leaders have ruled out joining a coalition and talked instead of having a looser agreement. This is sometimes known as a “confidence and supply” arrangement.

“Confidence” refers to the smaller party promising to support the government in any vote of no confidence called by other parties, while “supply” means that the party will help the government to pass its budget.

In practice, this means a minority government doesn’t have to constantly worry whether it is about to be voted out of office. In return it will need to co-operate with other parties in drafting every bill that it wants to put before Parliament.

A prime minister remains in office until he or she informs the Queen they are resigning, and is only “expected” to resign once it becomes clear that they cannot command a majority in the house.

So, for example, the Tories are entitled to stay in power if he believes he can build a working majority. He then has just under two weeks to form a government before the the start of the new Parliament.

Should this happen, the opposition could then test the strength of his majority with a vote of no confidence.

Before and during the new Parliament, other parties may decide to join discussions with the present government, or the party with the most MPs, or the party with which they have the most policies in common.

Talks on forming a government may start between opposition parties even though the prime minister remains in power, which was the situation facing Gordon Brown in 2010.

There are 12 days between polling day and the first meeting of Parliament, the exact date of which is set by Royal proclamation.

The date for the start of the next Parliament has already been announced as 18 May 2015.
In 2010, it took 13 days to complete the full coalition agreement between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, which tells you their 12 day ruling was broken.

A coalition is when two or more political parties agree to form a government that includes ministers from each party.

In general a coalition is formed because no single party has enough MPs to guarantee that their bills will be voted through by Parliament.

A coalition is when two or more political parties agree to form a government that includes ministers from each party.

In general a coalition is formed because no single party has enough MPs to guarantee that their bills will be voted through by Parliament.

The coalition governing the UK for the last five years was the result of the Conservative Party gaining the largest number of MPs at the 2010 general election – but finding itself short of the 326 required for a majority in the House of Commons.

A coalition of the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats was the only two-party combination able to command a majority.

A majority government can in principle be made up of some or all of these listed and possibly small individuals or new parties still to be voted into seats;
Labour, Conservative, SNP, Liberal Democrat, DUP, Sinn Fein, UKIP, SDLP, Plaid Cymru, Green Party, Independent, Alliance Party, UUP, Respect Party

The most obvious point to make is; UKIP is something dreamed up as a safety net for the Tories in case they did not have enough seats to make up the required 326 for a majority – UKIP are tories with a different badge on – if they got enough seats the Tories plan will work, and they could get back into power after the elections.

Here’s a scenario which we in Scotland have bore witness to for many years; Scotland has voted for whom they thought was good at that time for Scotland – it never made a jot of a difference because whatever the rest of U.K. voted for we got stuck with it and this was usually the political party we did not want and did NOT vote for.

The stinger; if Scotland got the maximum of 59 seats and all the rest of the minority parties within the U.K. joined us, which includes Ireland and Wales we still could not get that 326 seats needed to form a government – the reason for this is these old guard parties of the Tories and Labour have moved the boundaries all over the U.K. to feather their own nests and keep the smaller parties under their heels… it has worked so far, let’s hope this changes soon!


Scotland needs independence, extra powers within the Scottish Government is not enough, I have just proved it – so if we ever see another independence vote it should only go one way, especially for the future of our Children and grandchildren.

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