It’s Official Trump Is Nuts

Its Official Trump Is Nuts.



He must be, he has taken the Scottish Government to court twice and lost both times, throws the baby out of the pram and now thinks taking his crap to English and EU courts.



And over what? Wind-farms! Only a nutter would give a stuff over wind-farms, in Scotland in the next ten years there might be millions of them twirling about all over this great land and no one gives a stuff.

As one time scratch golfers ourselves we don’t give a stuff about wind-farms that might be a few miles out at sea, Trump once built a big mound of earth over poor Molly Forbes at her Balmedie home, did he care her view from her Mobile/Travellers home was blotted out, did he hell so why would any right thinking Scot give a stuff what he thinks about our future energy needs.

He took us to WIPO and broke every rule in the book and only because he can, not that we were doing him any harm although he still does not know who we had on the inside getting all the stories long before they ever released, we tried to tell him and Dod his side kick lawyer that kicking Scots while they were down would win them no friends and yet again we have been proven correct every time.

Of course he told his most wonderful internet team to go out and buy every domain name there was and they did and the only one they left was this one, how funny is that?

Then we reported about the while lady ghost in his new Menie Estate Home and no-one told him about this famous lady that haunts the wine cellar and as far as we know he has not stayed there again since…lol

We say this once more stop digging holes against the people of Scotland Alex S is one of Scotland’s all time hero’s loved by millions all over the world and yet Trump has learned no lessons while claiming to be half Scottish if he truly wants to be he should embrace wind farming and if he had as many brains as money he should buy the wind-farm companies concerned or most of their traded on shares!

The truth is he rather just wind up everyone, pardon the pun.

Have we to tell them everything, how this country actually works is not the same as the way he wants it to work no matter how much dosh he has and should donate some for the 300+ food-banks in this country the poor has to endure rather than listen to a yank tell us how he wants to run our country says it all really!