How To Fix Windows 10 Crashes

How To Fix Windows 10 Crashes.

How To Fix Windows 10 Crashes
How To Fix Windows 10 Crashes.









How To Fix Windows 10 Crashes on PC resume when windows 10 users see the blue screen of death and the following error code.

How To Fix Windows 10 Crashes


Almost two weeks since the launch of Windows 10 and now many sites reporting there is and was a huge bug in the official microsoft update path and as reported last night from one of our regular readers now HP laptops are also infected.

Please check the above error code by clicking the photo above and look for the error code that states the following message; VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE.

If you have a similar message the chances are we are all in the same boat.

How To Fix Windows 10 VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE error.


Bad news you cant, good news there is one working work around, it only works when lid is closed and opened again and it means it stays on constantly when closed.

We think this is down to the intel onboard graphics not being fully teseted as its only around 5% of all PC’s that has this newer onboard chip but you would think the beta testers would know better.

How To Fix Windows 10 Crashes.

First go to start menu bottom far left of your desktop

> next in the box search for windows type;

> Power Options,

> Chose what closing lid does,

> Change all values to do nothing,

> Save changes.

This is the only known work around for How To Fix Windows 10 Crashes on PC resume.

One other bug has also been reported over last 24 hours it seems rumours were perhaps true bit torrent software is crashing on updated windows 7 and 8 versions to 10 MS has stated in the past they hate piracy even though bit torrent is used for other means if true; Way to Go MS nothing like killing your own products stone dead.