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The SNP has today highlighted a new report showing how the UK Government’s welfare cuts are trapping people in in-work poverty – more than cancelling out any benefit from George Osborne’s living wage ‘con-trick’.

A report by the Resolution Foundation has found that George Osborne’s policy on the minimum wage “cannot guarantee a basic standard of living or compensate for the £12bn of welfare cuts that were announced alongside it” – leaving 6.5 million people in the UK in in-work poverty.

Figures from the IFS in July showed that the 63 per cent of children living in poverty come from working households – a figure which has grown from 54 per cent when the Tories took office.

Commenting, SNP MSP Joan McAlpine said:

“This new, expert report is even further evidence of the appalling impact the Tory austerity agenda is having on working people in Scotland and across the UK – and proves once and for all why we need to take a new and different approach.

“This Tory government should be utterly ashamed by its appalling record of pushing people even further into poverty – as their slavish devotion to austerity trumps any commitment to supporting those in need.

“And with this record, it’s even more astonishing that Labour under Jeremy Corbyn have decided to back George Osborne’s fiscal plans – proving once and for all that it’s only the SNP who can be trusted to stand up to Tory cuts.

“Working people who are struggling to make ends meet need and deserve a real boost to their pay packets – not a con trick on the minimum wage from a Tory chancellor while he callously cuts tax credits and other social protection leaving people worse off.

“This demonstrates exactly why the people of Scotland can no longer afford major decisions over the economy and social security to be made by the likes of George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith.

“It’s time for these powers to be transferred to Scotland  – allowing us to take real action to truly tackle poverty, and support low-income families – rather than continuing on the UK Government’s course, which is trapping too many hard-working people in poverty.”

Further details can be found here:

The IFS figures can be found here:



Argos Online Customer Chat Room one of the best retail customer help-lines in the UK.

Argos Online Customer Chat Rooms.

Argos Online Customer Chat Rooms.

At International Scotland the usual order of the day is to slag off most UK retailers/and car dealers for offering the worst consumer experinces in Europe but today we are breaking traditions and singing the praises of Argos Online Customer Chat Room and its agents for a job well done.

I have used and tested this service many times and its yet to fail in the delivery of excellent customer services that even puts John Lewis to shame.

Yesterday I had to use the services of Argos very own Katy who managed my return of a faulty philips 58 inch 4k TV and exchange it for a brand new PHILIPS 55PUT6400 Android OS all done and dusted in just 12 minutes, fantastic service by any standards and should be copied by all nationwide.


The 55PUH6400 has to be one of the most exciting TV releases in 2015 and Argos has these in Stock…

This 55put6400 has no 3D or Sat TV Tuners that was on the 6800 series but adds Pixel plus, proper Job 4K with HDMI 2.0 and HVEC as standard and ofcourse Google’s excellent New OS only to be found in 2015 philips and Sony TV’s.

Google has stated all new platforms will be updated for the next 3-5 years at least making them the best by 4K TV deal in the UK.

Argos sells the 55 inch 55PUH6400 for only £750

John Lewis will also sell these UHD Philips TV acording to TA/Philips Europe at Berlin show 2015.

All these UHD 4K TV’s come with excellent 2 years onsite warranties and the bonus from argos of free delivery within 5 days any where in the UK.

Philips 55PUT6400 55″ 4K UltraHD FreeviewHD Smart Android TV

Item Number 436/2311




TV Price Matching Fixed might not be a surprise to some UK shoppers or even to most shoppers in the rest of the world but do you know how they do it?

John Lewis Stores used to be the best on the high street at price matching just about everything but now they don’t have to.

Before the high street fixed the market shoppers only had to pick a consumer item get the model number, stick it into a seach engine and instantly get the best supplier price on the day including delivery costs for a like for like comparison!

Most people cant do that any more because of less and less high street competition manufacturers are making the same models but supplying electronic stores with different part and model numbers so shoppers cant get the best deal and thus supplied locally.

Argos has some high end Samsung TV’s that is only exclusive to them at a very attractive pricing but if other suppliers has the same goods and spec’s shoppers can’t ask for a Price Match because it will have a different part or model numbers.

Is it any wonder then TV Price Matching is becoming a thing of the past which only benefits the retailers and must be anti-competitive and subject to review.

To do your own research, pick a any TV on line, copy and paste the model number into any search engine and see how many retailers has the same model?

On the popular models most retailers have the same ones but not surprising is the fact they are all very similar in price therefore go big gains in local price matching offers.

They dont call this island “Rip Off Britain” for nothing.

Why Do They Hate New Labour Leader

Why Do They Hate New Labour Leader.

Why Do They Hate New Labour Leader, the simply reason is they cant control him or his supporters.

The days of political parties being in charge of the country are but distant dreams, the real power and game changers are basically your faceless civil servants who tells ministers what to do or what they can get away with.

The reason they hate the new labour leader is he wont ask the establishment for advice and that means he cant be controlled like the two Davids and as MP’s are controlled so to are the press and media.

People all over the UK is screaming for change, if anti austerity is bad for your health how was it possible for the SNP to gain so many seats at the last election simply because they offered its people hope!

Pre May general election who offered HOPE in the rest of the UK, answer no-one so the status quo was assured and labour simply surrendered to the will of the Torries.

If Austerity only works in the favour of the UK’s top 5% who represents the interests of everyone else in England and Wales?

The New Labour Leader won 60% of the labour party vote, wake up time for establishment and the reason all evorts to damage him before he starts dismantling all the plans to make the rich even richer.

Warning for labour MP’s who refuse to budge, labour activists will get rid of you the same way they ignored your calls for steady as we go!

People want hope, voting for the same with no choices meant conservatives were home runners, given a straight choice between even harder austerity and fairness for all who do you think will win then?

That was the reason why they hate the new labour leader!


Normal Service Has Been Resumed

Normal Service Has Been Resumed

Normal Service Has Been Resumed – International Scotland is back to its normal service after four weeks due to holidays and going to places with no internet connections was pure bliss.

So much stuff to report on, its seems child abuse claims are going into overdrive and labour activists telling labour members of parliment their voices can no longer be ignored proves our point labour MPs were indeed a rightwing mob.

SNP has no choice but to go indy part 2 as new,new part 2 labour spells dissaster for another 58 SNP seats in 5 years time they might never get another chance again.

Plus we have more consumer woes to report on.

Normal Service Has indeed Been Resumed.