Argos Online Customer Chat Room one of the best retail customer help-lines in the UK.

Argos Online Customer Chat Rooms.
Argos Online Customer Chat Rooms.

At International Scotland the usual order of the day is to slag off most UK retailers/and car dealers for offering the worst consumer experinces in Europe but today we are breaking traditions and singing the praises of Argos Online Customer Chat Room and its agents for a job well done.

I have used and tested this service many times and its yet to fail in the delivery of excellent customer services that even puts John Lewis to shame.

Yesterday I had to use the services of Argos very own Katy who managed my return of a faulty philips 58 inch 4k TV and exchange it for a brand new PHILIPS 55PUT6400 Android OS all done and dusted in just 12 minutes, fantastic service by any standards and should be copied by all nationwide.


The 55PUH6400 has to be one of the most exciting TV releases in 2015 and Argos has these in Stock…

This 55put6400 has no 3D or Sat TV Tuners that was on the 6800 series but adds Pixel plus, proper Job 4K with HDMI 2.0 and HVEC as standard and ofcourse Google’s excellent New OS only to be found in 2015 philips and Sony TV’s.

Google has stated all new platforms will be updated for the next 3-5 years at least making them the best by 4K TV deal in the UK.

Argos sells the 55 inch 55PUH6400 for only £750

John Lewis will also sell these UHD Philips TV acording to TA/Philips Europe at Berlin show 2015.

All these UHD 4K TV’s come with excellent 2 years onsite warranties and the bonus from argos of free delivery within 5 days any where in the UK.

Philips 55PUT6400 55″ 4K UltraHD FreeviewHD Smart Android TV

Item Number 436/2311