TV Price Matching Fixed might not be a surprise to some UK shoppers or even to most shoppers in the rest of the world but do you know how they do it?

John Lewis Stores used to be the best on the high street at price matching just about everything but now they don’t have to.

Before the high street fixed the market shoppers only had to pick a consumer item get the model number, stick it into a seach engine and instantly get the best supplier price on the day including delivery costs for a like for like comparison!

Most people cant do that any more because of less and less high street competition manufacturers are making the same models but supplying electronic stores with different part and model numbers so shoppers cant get the best deal and thus supplied locally.

Argos has some high end Samsung TV’s that is only exclusive to them at a very attractive pricing but if other suppliers has the same goods and spec’s shoppers can’t ask for a Price Match because it will have a different part or model numbers.

Is it any wonder then TV Price Matching is becoming a thing of the past which only benefits the retailers and must be anti-competitive and subject to review.

To do your own research, pick a any TV on line, copy and paste the model number into any search engine and see how many retailers has the same model?

On the popular models most retailers have the same ones but not surprising is the fact they are all very similar in price therefore go big gains in local price matching offers.

They dont call this island “Rip Off Britain” for nothing.