Why Do They Hate New Labour Leader

Why Do They Hate New Labour Leader.

Why Do They Hate New Labour Leader, the simply reason is they cant control him or his supporters.

The days of political parties being in charge of the country are but distant dreams, the real power and game changers are basically your faceless civil servants who tells ministers what to do or what they can get away with.

The reason they hate the new labour leader is he wont ask the establishment for advice and that means he cant be controlled like the two Davids and as MP’s are controlled so to are the press and media.

People all over the UK is screaming for change, if anti austerity is bad for your health how was it possible for the SNP to gain so many seats at the last election simply because they offered its people hope!

Pre May general election who offered HOPE in the rest of the UK, answer no-one so the status quo was assured and labour simply surrendered to the will of the Torries.

If Austerity only works in the favour of the UK’s top 5% who represents the interests of everyone else in England and Wales?

The New Labour Leader won 60% of the labour party vote, wake up time for establishment and the reason all evorts to damage him before he starts dismantling all the plans to make the rich even richer.

Warning for labour MP’s who refuse to budge, labour activists will get rid of you the same way they ignored your calls for steady as we go!

People want hope, voting for the same with no choices meant conservatives were home runners, given a straight choice between even harder austerity and fairness for all who do you think will win then?

That was the reason why they hate the new labour leader!