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Argos Facebook Page Funnies

Argos Facebook Page Funnies

Argos Facebook Page Funnies – This will be updated daily with all the funny comments posted by disgruntled customers who cant get a refund or goods they ordered in good faith.


Christmas is over and now the anger of customers and how they have been treated is starting to boil over and today Argos seems to be telling punters that they alter daily prices to suit supply and demand.

Argos supply and demand price hikes



Funnies has changed to despair for thousands of Argos customers who have ordered goods in good faith only to be told a few seconds later there is no stock and refunds wont happen for at least 7 days.

Argos putting people into Christmas hardship.

Argos putting people into christmas hardship Capture



Argos customer care perhaps not buy tv get 4 inch knife for free as Harrison Boddington and young family found out to their costs tonight.

Argos customer care perhaps not buy tv get 4 inch knife for free

Not so funny for this couple or his disabled family, Liam Frederick with a disabled partner and a visually impaired child left high and dry by Argos customers services Thursday 17 12 2015.

Argos forgets these are real people paying them for a service and getting treated like they dont matter at all.

Liam Frederick with a disabled partner and a visually impaired child left high and dry by Argos customers services


Tuesday the 15th saw just how bad things are getting for Argos and their hard pressed customers poor Matt Hyatt got a text message to collect his order from the Local Sunderland Argos Store but hes not from Sunderland or lives near there and to top it off never even ordered anything scary stuff indeed.

Argos Fuuny of the day Tuesday.


Monday saw Argos Customer Servives admit they were online selling when they knew goods were not in stock.

Proof Argos is selling goods online when they know they are not in stock.

Saturday mornings will never be the same again with all the funny comments about argos customer services where loyal customers get so much pain its scary Where loyal Argos Customer Andrew Hopkins found out to his cost this morning!

Andrew Hopkins Saturday morning funny on argos facebook pages Capture

My own Argos latest refund news 11.12.15

argos latest refund news Capture

Argos delivery drivers aleged to using disabled parking zones.

argos drivers using disabled parking zones

Argos Online Customer Monica Hollaway funny as hell Capture.

argos funny as hell Capture























Posted by Sarah Underhill Nuneaton on Argos Facebook Page Funnies.

Sarah Underhill Nuneaton on Argos Facebook page Funnies










Honestly you cant make this stuff up, at this rate we will need more admin staff on here.

Posted by Kirsty Ferguson-Smith on Argos Facebook Page.

you cant honestly make stories like this up.

you cant honestly make stories like this up.















Michelle Jordan on argos facebook page had a very luck escape only mouments ago…..?

She should be thanking her lucky stars.

She should be thanking her lucky stars.















Not a happy argos customer, Corrianne Payne.

Not a happy argos customer bunny Corrianne Payne








Monica Hollaway is not happy but very funny on argos facebook page.

Monica Hollaway is not happy but very funny on argos facebook page

Trump Will Never Play Golf In Scotland Again

Trump Will Never Play Golf In Scotland Again

Trump Will Never Play Golf In Scotland Again- what a neap heed he turned out to be.

We are sorry we once supported this guy, we thought he would be good for the people of Aberdeen and Scotland but that was before we knew if he did not get his own way he would bully an 82 yearold woman and countless other local property owners just to get his golf resort hotel built proves without a shadow the Scottish government got it right today and wants his business links to this country removed stone dead, Robert Gordons wants his honary business degree removed (we did say they were nuts to start with) and now more than 150,000 UK residents wants him banned from entering the UK all together.

This numpty might be the worlds next leader, we blame his past german father and his past Scottish wee free mother would be going mental right now if she was still alive today!

He even tried to bully us and stealing a few domains from us through WIPO (turns out he was one of the founders) and making it up as he went along he even asked an Aberdeen web designer to lie for him so he could steal prized domain-names he needed for his golf course, he should be ashamed of himself and hang his head in shame?

We owned so they had to start with we had the history of trump cards in Scotland on it and told him the history of Scotland was far more important to us than his commercial interests and told him and his sidekick Dod sorial to get stuffed!

Vote for the trumpee and the yanks would be voting for world war 3 because he would never last 4 years without annoying some world power into a rammy with his big gobbo!

Trump Will Never Play Golf In Scotland Again, do we really care, nope we dont!



Argos Customer Services Refunds department are in absolute meltdown, Argos Customers are having to wait more than 16 days for refunds if they are lucky.


Argos Customer Services Refunds

Lets see how long this lasts before its deleted as its not helping argos public image.


Argos Customer Services on Facebook are a disgrace, users/customers can post their questions but if they dont like your comments they are deleted (which is fair enough if they had good reason IE; abusive!) at once, where is good customer service practice.

Argos are excellent at the buying process, fantastic in most at delivery even better at picking up faulty/returned goods but a shambles at refunding customer monies.

It could just be the time of year but if customers want to purchase big ticket items and they are delivered faulty its a big risk customers wont get a full refund until well after xmas or might not get one at all!

The author of this high ranked blog is experincing Argos wonderful customer services right now here is their story so far.

Purchased a out of the box faulty Phillips 55pus6808 in July, reported fault to argos/philips straight away, after a few months philips sent a tech guy with new motherboard made no difference, call argos who were fantastic and aranged replacement of another philips 55put6400 worked ok out of box but had a firmware update (customers are told to upload all new/latest firmwares as soon as they become available) then problems started TV could not perform functions it was designed for, Philips support blamed Android OS a bit of a cop out by them.

Called argos tech team who issued argos DOA number and we agreed to wait for new firmware to arrive 2 months later no firmware enough was enough!

Called argos for an exchange, yes no problem, great can I exchange for a LG 55uf770v, yes you can have it next Tuesday great service, Tuesday came and new TV arrived (same philips TV) NOT GOOD SERVICES, called to ask why? Told it had to be like for like or refund only and once refunded can order new TV from argos at different price!

No other choice but to ask for refund but asked how long it would take, below copy of online argos chat line;

Helen (09:00:57 GMT) : I am happy to collect and refund the item for you, do you want me to arrnge this?
Visitor (09:01:08 GMT) : why cant i exchange for an LG
Helen (09:01:56 GMT) : Is the Lg the same price?
Visitor (09:02:24 GMT) : AROUND THE SAME when first purchased
Helen (09:02:51 GMT) : Sorry it would not be ppossible
Helen (09:03:04 GMT) : I need to collect refund and you place anew order……….sorry
Visitor (09:03:36 GMT) : ok then refund never opened last nights tv
Helen (09:04:06 GMT) : ok… what day is best for the collection?
Visitor (09:04:15 GMT) : tomorrow
Visitor (09:04:50 GMT) : yodel or argos
Helen (09:06:15 GMT) : It will be Yodel collecting
Visitor (09:06:37 GMT) : ok last thing at night in my area
Visitor (09:06:59 GMT) : what credit will i recieve
Helen (09:07:42 GMT) : Can I take your contact number please
Visitor (09:07:50 GMT) : or refund amount as price drasticly cut from orignal order
Visitor (09:08:01 GMT) : 07414544***
Helen (09:09:09 GMT) : Do you have the origianl order number please
Visitor (09:09:34 GMT) : 210599727
Helen (09:10:45 GMT) : The original payment was £738-94
Visitor (09:10:55 GMT) : ok
Helen (09:11:42 GMT) : The Amojnt paid for the TV  is £729-99
Visitor (09:12:26 GMT) : the lg is only 70 more
Helen (09:13:13 GMT) : I am sorry you would need to place a new order to enable the difference to be paid
Visitor (09:13:43 GMT) : cost me 300 to stay off yesterday to get wrong tv
Helen (09:13:50 GMT) : Collection is arranged for tomorrow between 7am and 8pm
Visitor (09:13:58 GMT) : ok
Helen (09:14:03 GMT) : At the end of this chat a short survey will appear for your feedback on our chat today. I would appreciate your feedback
Helen (09:14:05 GMT) : your welcome
Helen (09:14:08 GMT) : Bye
Visitor (09:14:22 GMT) : how long will cedit take to arrange
Helen (09:16:01 GMT) : This takes up to 5 bank working day to show on the account
Visitor (09:16:07 GMT) : thanks
Visitor (09:16:32 GMT) : from the time they pick up unit
Helen (09:16:43 GMT) : From the time it is received back with us
Visitor (09:16:50 GMT) : ok

NO Refund yet and this was on theb 25th of November, went into local store last week where the manager called them directly, they confirmed they got it back on the 30th BUT HAD NOT PROCESSED IT YET!

Argos is at fault here, their systems cant cope with refunds, if they cant do better then their credit facilities from banks need to be revoked or at least limited.

BBC Watchdog needs to urgently investigate, thousands of people have contacted them directly and waiting weeks and months for genuine refunds check out their Argos facebook complaints page here.

Argos will give customers no communication, wont answer facebook private messages and if your comments are to strong will even delete postings.

If you are waiting for a refund please tell us here how long you have waited, your order numbers and any feedback you have had to date from Argos Customer Services Refunds.



argos replies in facebook private messages Capture

Feel really bad all other customers

that require a refund has not got

2104 websites to play with?








Day 16 waiting for an £730 TV Refund Capture