Trump Will Never Play Golf In Scotland Again

Trump Will Never Play Golf In Scotland Again

Trump Will Never Play Golf In Scotland Again- what a neap heed he turned out to be.

We are sorry we once supported this guy, we thought he would be good for the people of Aberdeen and Scotland but that was before we knew if he did not get his own way he would bully an 82 yearold woman and countless other local property owners just to get his golf resort hotel built proves without a shadow the Scottish government got it right today and wants his business links to this country removed stone dead, Robert Gordons wants his honary business degree removed (we did say they were nuts to start with) and now more than 150,000 UK residents wants him banned from entering the UK all together.

This numpty might be the worlds next leader, we blame his past german father and his past Scottish wee free mother would be going mental right now if she was still alive today!

He even tried to bully us and stealing a few domains from us through WIPO (turns out he was one of the founders) and making it up as he went along he even asked an Aberdeen web designer to lie for him so he could steal prized domain-names he needed for his golf course, he should be ashamed of himself and hang his head in shame?

We owned so they had to start with we had the history of trump cards in Scotland on it and told him the history of Scotland was far more important to us than his commercial interests and told him and his sidekick Dod sorial to get stuffed!

Vote for the trumpee and the yanks would be voting for world war 3 because he would never last 4 years without annoying some world power into a rammy with his big gobbo!

Trump Will Never Play Golf In Scotland Again, do we really care, nope we dont!