Treasury insists its tax powers offer is “logical and fair”

Peter A Bell
Peter A Bell

Story by Peter A. Bell
Treasury insists its tax powers offer is “logical and fair” but MPs back SNP government’s stance

Treasury insists its tax powers offer is “logical and fair” but MPs back SNP government’s stance | Politics Scotland |
DAVID Cameron’s compromise deal on Holyrood’s new tax powers would have given Scotland more money since devolution than the current Barnett Formula has, according to the Treasury.

But this claim contrasts with Nicola Sturgeon’s view that Whitehall’s current offer could leave it £3 billion out of pocket over the next 10 years.
Peter A Bell’s insight:
The very fact that the ‘deal’ on the financial framework is open to such widely divergent interpretations clearly demonstrates that it is fatally flawed. We may have to accept that it simply isn’t possible for the two governments to reach agreement on this because each is approaching the negotiations with irreconcilable imperatives.

The Scottish Government’s imperative is to repatriate the powers of the Scottish Parliament.

The UK Government’s overarching priority is preservation of the structures of power, privilege and patronage which define the British state.

There is no possibility of an ‘enduring settlement’ here. There are only increasingly uncomfortable and short-lived compromises.

The Scottish Government has a solemn duty to ensure that these compromises are not seriously detrimental to Scotland. The British establishment is either indifferent to Scotland’s interests or actively seeks to use devolution as a weapon against a Scottish Parliament and Government which is now regarded as a significant threat to the British state.

What we are witnessing are the inevitable consequences of a No vote gained on a prospectus which was never subject to any scrutiny by the mainstream media. The result of the referendum stands. But we cannot pretend that No voters made an informed choice. The situation in which we now find ourselves was easily foreseen. But those with a responsibility for informing the electorate were disgracefully derelict in their duty.

Independence is inevitable. That should now be clear to any rational mind. Devolution simply won’t work. And great harm may be done by clinging to something which is so obviously failing.

Devolution is dead! Independence! Nothing less!