Ian Duncan Smith a Scottish born super hero in the making that may have destroyed Common Purpose’s agenda of getting rid of the sick,  disabled and the poor.

Common Purpose is a charity, what did we say, yes there the only UK charity that has nothing good to say about the sick and disabled or even the poor for that matter and fully supported by the Tory Leadership of Cameron and Osbourne.

Common Purpose is desperate for the UK to remain within the EU and its now obvious IDS is not playing the game any more, which to us bloggers is a real shock as he was obsessed with the fatuous mantra ‘making work pay’ when it does already pay.

Jobseeker’s allowance is £71.70 whilst the minimum wage pays over £250 per week.

The Tories’ business is to demonize the unemployed to distract attention from their uselessness as a government.

They are trying to pretend that the jobless are the reason for the nation’s ills.

In reality – a place In Denial Smith is not acquainted with – if one million people came off jobseeker’s allowance tomorrow the saving would be £72 million a week or, as near as dammit, £1 a week for everybody in the country. It is not going to change your life or anybody else’s including his or his many CP chums.

Moreover we spend less on social security – what Smith calls welfare – as a % of GDP than any comparable European nation.

The idea that the welfare bill is out of control is the big lie of this government.

It is not out of control and IDS has just proved it by telling all of us what we have already stated for years its a political choice to attack all that cant fight back or giving a stuff for people that wont vote for us shows they are not fit to govern period!

One question the Tories have yet to graptle with is what there going to do with their ATOS and MAXIMUS PIP contracts that wont now happen?

CP are well intrenched in these companies so it looks like the Tories will still pay without a return, but unlike the plights of the sick and disabled we wont hear about it, not a peep!

Osbourne should go but then again so should Cameron and as the Tories have no likely super hero’s left in Government and full of yes men the only thing left is for England to leave the EU what IDS always wanted anyway, IDS an unlikely hero or was it a master stroke of a quiet man?