The News The BBC Does Not Want To Report

The News The BBC Does Not Want To Report.


The News The BBC Does Not Want To ReportThe news the BBC does not want to report happened on the 16th of March 2016 when over 7000 junior Doctors demonstrated outside whitehall, London.

You can look if you want but you cant find any referrence to this gathering shows the BBC are so up the Governments rear end its getting scary.

When they interview ministers they never give them a hard time, Steal is a hot topic and what does the BBC report, oh its Europes fault, our utility bills are to high or even cheap steal from Asia but never the Government even russian state TV has less bias towards its leaders its getting to the point of the BBC News team not being fit-for-purpose!

UPDATE; Last weekend over 50,000 marched through London demonstrating against Austerity Cuts but hardly any media outlet reported it, we ask why not?

We are been force fed rubbish and media can not be trusted anymore to report what is really going on on the streets of the UK.