Argos Overcharging At Checkouts

Argos Overcharging At Checkouts.


Argos overcharging at checkouts, this is new development is left to the customer to chalange and if they don’t tuff luck!


Argos overcharging at checkout counters, so here is how they are doing it.

The next time you reserve an item on argos website and you wish to collect it in store you might be in for a huge surprise argos is now stating their prices can change on a daily basis.

They have now decided this also includes any order purchased online at any given price can change by up to 25% difference, last Friday we reserved online a nutribullet juicer at £80 online went into our local argos store gave the reserve code and told the price we had to pay was now £100.

When we chalanged this the Argos rep then had to access another system to find out we were correct and told us its up to the customer to chalange as there normal systems wont show the prices online orders were made on.

Hopefully Sainsbury’s will sort out another pure example of rip off britain in action.