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Its Time To Say No To the EU dream, the stay in Mob can’t help doing the project fear they tried in Scotland last year and won they want to try it again.

Enough is enough and this blog says we support the SNP but staying in a corrupt and undemocratic organisation is a complete waste of time.

The in to remain mob is so full of utter crap no-one believes a word they say anymore, the labour leader secretly wants to leave he always has been, half of all conservertives are likewise minded, most SNP activists are only hoping we vote to remain while England rejects the stupid EU project just so we can force another leave the union which sounds great but the truth is our votes to stay in might swing it for the whole of the UK and thats bad news for everyone including the SNP going forward.

People are getting fed up with all crap being spoken from all those in project fear, the people are not stupid if Cameron and Co thought it was so risky why did they ever agree to it in the first place makes no sence.

People want to know facts before they make-up their minds if the dont get the information they will think the in-camp has something to hide and vote to leave, its that simple!



Lexus GS450 hybrid heater problems, a general warning no heat on passenger side could cost over 7k just to determine what’s wrong and not covered under any warranty cover.

Lexus GS450 hybrid heater problems, if your LEXUS GS450 HYBRID has problems transferring heat to either the drivers or passenger side it could cost over £7000 just to find what’s causing it.

That’s what has happened to one luckless Scottish customer who has been told they will be charged over £105+ VAT per hour to check if their cars heater core is faulty that will take approx. 22 hours labour to get to and worse still if that’s working it can only to the motor behind it which takes over 50 man hours to get to that works out at over £5250 +VAT plus a new motor that has no part number as LEXUS never thought it would ever fail!

Lexus UK has been next to useless, they first promised to do it for free as there has only ever been 4 heater core failures and no main motor failures worldwide.

Perhaps they know this a lie and keeping these very costly failures to themselves, it seems these components are built so deep into the GS450H structures it makes them uneconomical to repair if the car is over 3 years old.

All potential Lexus GS buyers needs to be aware if your car develops these heater faults they can take it to any Lexus service centre but if it’s not the normal directional heater motors which takes £525 + VAT plus parts to get to the core and main motor has no Diagnostic program written for this fault according to Lexus Technical your looking at a massive repair bill that’s perhaps beyond economical repair!

We recommend you take out an extended Lexus warranty for as long as you can to avoid this massive repair costs on something so simple to fix in other cars.

Have you experienced any Lexus GS450 hybrid heater problems yourself if you have please add your comments and costs if any here.