Prepare For War Says Boris

Prepare for War!

Prepare for War! Bonkers Boris has already pissed off half the world and he’s now our new Foreign Secretary.

OK, he never said it but we all know he will start one sooner rather than later he has as much common sense as Donald Trump and this blog has had a good few fights with that other nutter.

Boris wanted to leave the EU, no he never what he wanted was to damage Cameron and Osbourne nevermind they are both free to play down at the farm with their favorite bum chums.
May thinks she is clever getting Brexit boys good jobs but they are still toffs and silver spooners so they won’t be voting for Xmas anytime soon and it will be tatties as we say in Scotland and she will be gone.
When you think about it everytime the country gets into shit it goes to WAR so who best to start one, bonkers Boris gets our vote and the new PM.