Brexit will Never Happen as many in local government is releasing information saying article 50 may never be made.

Brexit will never happen because as this blog has stated many times the this stupid referendum is purely ADVISORY ONLY this means the new Tory leadership under May can stick her two fingers up to the 14 million leave voters and stay in the EU against the will of the people and theres nothing anyone can do about!

CP was the real losers at this vote and they control most if not all local councils so they and the government will do all they can to reverse this referendum result back into their favour.

Of course the unionists might prefer this option to Scotland getting another indy vote mark 2.

People reading this might think this is unlikely but given we live in a one party state given 80% of MPs wanted to remain watch this space?

We were one of the few blogs that called the right result and we know things most of you dont but please understand no-one in power wants to invoke article 50 and leave the EU.