No Article 50 This Year

No Article 50 This Year


No Article 50 this year says Prime Minister May in Germany today just like this blog said last week.

We told you the establishment and CP will do all they can to block the UK leaving the European Union in other words they are in no rush to trigger article 50.

It was stated today, Cameron and Osbourne made no plans if the people voted to leave and made zero preparations which mean’s they though project fear was a winner from day one.

PM May stated Brexit Means Brexit, not so you can’t enter into negotiations unless article 50 has been triggered so if they don’t get their way up front the EU is left in limbo forever and all the time the Tory Government strips away workers rights and terms and conditions and there’s nothing anyone can do about it just like this blog has warned.

Of course, the PM could have told parliament today before traveling to Germany but decided in good old Tory fashion and stick up two fingers to the commoners.

The only good news for Scotland is Germans wants the Scotts to remain part of the EU club a year ago they told us to get stuffed if we said yes to independence I wish they would make up their minds…….?

No Article 50 This Year 2016 what’s the bet there will be No Article 50 Next Year in 2017 either?


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And now others are coming round to idea more, it could be why Cameron left soon to give the next gluepot Tory leader (May) more wriggle room