PLP JUST DON’T GET IT and they never will.

The reason for this is simple, they don’t represent the people that put them in Westminster in the first place.

The PLP for the last 20 years has been a disaster for the left of centre voters if anyone reading this has ever been into a labour members surgery did you ever come out of there feeling satisfied chances are no!

The reason is the PLP is a Tory party mark 2, in fact it could be said they are worse than them.

The fact the labour movement supports Corbyn proves the PLP are totally out of touch with their ground soldiers and local party members.

What rubbish they are all saying it was Corbyn’s fault they lost Brexit how do they know how each person voted in each area shows they are so corrupt of thinking rationally shows they should get deselected from their local parties.

Corbyn will win no problem the people want a choice if the PLP get their way the people will get no choice just more of the same.

80% of Westminster wanted to remain 17 million people wanted to leave so who in Parliment represents the majority here, not the PLP?

Scotland is mostly a centre left Country yet how many Labour MP’s are left?

NONE, the reason is they are not the centre-left party anymore that’s why they got wiped out that’s why Corbyn got elected because he was the only left winger left.

Those fighting Corbyn wants to save their safe seats where they can swan off to London and be as lazy as lazy can be and the labours troops have had enough and the game is up for the PLP and that’s why the PLP just don’t get it!