What Chances On Brexit Now?

What Chances On Brexit Now?

What chances on Brexit now, absolutely zero now Theresa May is in charge of the country.

Theresa May may well have planned this leadership push all along and many in her party had seen this coming the way she stayed out of the status quo campaign to remain within the EU.

She told colleagues today that “Brexit Means Brexit” but the civil service office of 20 will remain the same going forward, the biggest shift in Government policy in over 50 years just shows she has no intention whatsoever that Brexit Means Brexit.

The next question is what the people think not that they have ever given a stuff to what the people really think!

Eagle launches a leadership bid and within minutes May’s direct challenger announces she is pulling out this is called a political stitch up and shows Eagle and her supporters as rather politely very naive.

As an SNP supporter, myself I think Corbyn is the only choice for Labour supporters far and wide and the labour PLP has no choice now but to back him 100%.

What Chances On Brexit Now? NO CHANCE!