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Scotland’s September 2014 Independence vote was rigged and as expected afterwards there were shouts of fix, rigged etc… which led to certain individuals looking into very strange voting habits which had never ever been seen before.

After comprehensive research those doing the voting research found strange voting patterns in certain areas of Scotland.


They decided after research that the Independence vote was rigged, and rather than look for proof they researched the vote enough to find that the result was impossible, which in turn automatically proved that the Independence vote in September 2014 was rigged.

You can find the story and proof of establishment interference at this website, now when you talk about the September 2014 Independence vote you can pass on to your children and Grandchildren the way the English establishment ran a rigged vote to stop Scotland getting it’s independence.


Read about how they fixed the election here, if like me, you will consider if every voting in the U.K. is already fixed and decided?

Trump Dissaster For America

Trump Disaster For America.

Donald Trump will be a disaster for America and the rest of the world as he now finds himself in a hotseat he never expected to fill.

He wants to build walls, he wants to protect American jobs and his ego is bigger than all the heads in the world put together.

When he gets the keys to the whitehouse he will be told just like everyone before him, this is what we will allow you to do not what you want to do which will shock him to his core.

We said he was a nutter with good reason, to put it mildly he will piss off a world leader there is no doublt about it remember this man bullies his way through life at every turn.

He dug a hole so big just so he could turn off the water to Molly Forbes caravan at Balmedie while she was 83 yearsold and then tried to make her bankrupt at the court of session in Edinburgh just so he could steal her land.

Last night America was awash with demonstrations and hes not even in office till Jan 20th 2017, just how bad its going to get by then is the really scary thing for all the people of the world.

Of course it gets worse the more you think about his control of our nukes, the quicker we get rid of them the quicker we will become even safer!

Trump has never ever worked with others he does not know the meaning of working together which means as soon as he does not get his own way he will do what he has always done, he will sulk like a little child and hit out and it wont be pretty.

Of Course Kennedy was of the same ilk by all accounts and when he went off the reservation we all know what happened to him.

The biggest problem Trump has got is his own self rightous ego, if he fails to build the wall and we all know he wont because Mexico wont pay for it the people who voted for his protest vote will be back to square one and all of America will be on the streets demanding his head on a spike and shows just how dump, stupid or just how desperate people wanted to vote for him.

Clinton was not much better, just how these two clowns was the best America could muster just shows how bad America has become?

The best bit of news for Scotland was the fact TIPP is now dead CP – Common Purpose plans for the last 20 years is now dead for at least 5 years and NHS England wont be privitised just run into the ground instead.

International Scotland is rarely wrong so watch this space, Trump Will Be A Disaster For America.