Trumpgate Latest News

Trumpgate Latest News

Trumpgate latest news from the Scottish kings of spin International Scotland, we told you Trump was not all there years ago but did you guys listen?

Trumpgate latest news, includes firing Comey for what?

Comey said no am not your man so trump the numpty fired him because he was getting to close to the Russia thing that will end up in jail time no doubt.

Now we at Trumpgate latest news can report that on FOX NEWS Trumps press team can’t keep up with him, so hes going to fire them aswell, what a guy eh!

Heres the thing when you tell a porkie (lie) one has to make lots of them to keep the story going then it all falls apart.

We keep telling you he’s not all there, he reads this site because he knows we tell the truth about his antics and tactics hes employed in Scotland before the Whitehouse.

When he does not get his way or is ever over-shadowed by someone of lesser statue than him (in his mind) look out that person is in trouble.

He only got rid of Comey because Jim stated he might have handed the election victory to Trump instead of Trumpy doing it all on his own.

Now he is thinking of stopping daily press releases, that wont work, everyone will stop talking about him and his mighty ego will just explode, he says I will do it myself, he won’t as he will get ripped to shreads, so please do it big man, we can’t wait to see you fail Donny.

He is full of it as usual, if he can’t win he cries like a little baby and throws his dummy out of the pram, if your bad to me in the press I will ban you lot from the Westwing, its total rubbish he is bluffing?

Just remember Molly Forbes was at the time around 83 years-old from Balmedie he cut off her water supply because he could, that worked really well, not!

I have tapes, well I might have some! Bet my tapes are better than yours Jim! If you say I am lying I will show you mine??? WATERGATE 1973 all over again? Who spoke about tapes first? You Guessed it…..

More to the point where did they dig up those machines? Ebay as we all ditigal now?

And he wonders why his press team can’t keep up with him…haha.

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