MASTBAND ANTENNA REVIEW, ABOUT THE SAME SIZE AS A PRINGLE CRISP BOX.             Mastband antenna broadband – is it any good? Have you heard of it?
Admin 5 asked me to do this summary for the benefit of all those out there who are browned off with their internet speed and bad broadband. Have a read about my experiences and see if you are either in the same boat or something /anything rings a bell.
There are no awards for paying for something or subsidising others who blow their trumpet about getting impossible speeds you will never get for another ten years. My pet hat was and still is BT offering “New Customers”, massive package savings making me and people like me feel they are subsidising on the back of suffering less than 2Mbps. as a download speed.
There are thousand of homes, especially in Scotland who before now could never ever get fast broadband and they have been at the mercy of big business, or waffle before they have managed to get any speed.
My own experience is I am/was stuck in the middle of nowhere with appalling reception to both broadband and mobile phones (mobile phones are still awful).
On the plus side now after learning what is happening I applied for the government subsidy to help pay for the installation of broadband.
If like me you apply and are awarded that subsidy you know absolutely that you are indeed on an awful internet connection, I had the top of the range BT router which according to their rhetoric it was the best possible router out there – I can tell you, this is not accurate! or even close to accurate.
With the help of the subsidy and the different providors who accept the government installation code I had 60 days in which to select and decide or lose the subsidy.
I chose carefully at first and in most cases they did not install in my area, until I contacted a company called NotSpot, who after giving them my post code and address etc, the Emailed me back very quickly suggesting there was a good chance they could get me a signal higher than at present. At this stage I was not confident and I waited a few days until they had somebody in my area to come and fit the system.
The nice manny came and fitted the Mastband antenna in less than an hour and he left me with the download speed of 21.64Mbps. not blazing fast compared with other on the same set up but it was blazing fast to me who could not get above that 2Mbps.
So for all these people who cannot get fast broadband then you now know it’s possible via another method, and if your lucky enough to live near an antenna your speed is going to be fantastic – I havn’t a clue where my nearest masthead is but it works.
The system comes with a small router about a third the size of the usual, it has three hard wired possible ports and works the same as your normal wi-fi, a double length of special cable, and your Mastband antenna on the wall outside – that’s it!
The system backbone is EE and the engineers who fit them are from NotSpot. At the time I write this I am a very happy bunny! and would positively recommend this way for broadband.