Scotland’s Childrens Hearing System

Scotland’s Childrens Hearing System

Scotland’s Childrens Hearing System is said to be Scotland’s Jewel in the Crown, lets examine this statement?

According to the Scottish Government and its partners, the Childrens Hearing system in Scotland is the “Jewel in the Crown” and is a very fair system.

If that is so, why are there 11317 in care in Scotland and not at home? Why are there about another 4000 children under the control of the Childrens Hearing system in Scotland.

Maybe the Scottish Government can explain why number of children in the system jumped by 60% between 2001 ( a few years after they came to power) and 2016?

Is it because just about everything to do with Childrens
Hearings and being taken into care is because the mothers are supposedly responsible for everything and some fathers can walk on water in the eyes of the practitioners of child protection?

Is it because the system only operates on opinion, suspicion and supposition. Evidence is ignored and the whole system works on a theory that “something may happen to a child in the future”?

The level of “evidence” required within the child protection system is lower than for a criminal court. Why is that? If a child is being taken into care should the mother/parents not expect a higher standard as they are in fact being accused of threatening abuse and or negligence towards the children, a criminal offence in Scotland.

When a social worker or a health official applies to a Sheriff for a Child Protection Order to enable them to remove a child from its home, the submission is not made under oath. Why a lower standard of law when a decision is being made to remove a child from its family maybe for a period of up to 18 years?

The system does so much for the children within it that the Children and Young Persons Commissioner for Scotland states on the official web site:-

*Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland***

*Why corporate parenting matters*


Children and young people who are care experienced or looked after have the poorest outcomes of all children and young people in Scotland.Evidence suggests that:

* 50% of the adult prison population were looked after
* 30% of looked after children become homeless
* 50% of looked after children have a mental health issue
* 4% of care leavers go onto higher education

Corporate parenting as a concept exists to try and improve these
outcomes, and to improve the level of respect people have for the rights of care experienced and looked after children and young people.

He fails to state that at least 25% of girls become pregnant by the age of 19 years, 25% are homless between 16 and 25 years of age. Also fails to say that you have a 20 times higher chance of dying by the age of 25 years.

The statistics from the Government show 19% of children now taken into care are under the age of 5 years. 70% of them are adopted, mostly against the wishes of the parents.

A Petition has been lodged with the Scottish Parliaments Public
Petitions Committee calling for an independent QC led investigation in of all aspects of Child Protection in Scotland. Full details of the
Petition plus the transcript of the submission to Petition Committee
can be found at The

Governments response to the Petition can also be read from that link.
Anybody can make a response to the Governments submission by 12th March, 2018, by sending an email to

If you have found yourself in this mess and no-one else can help you, perhaps you can get help from the Scottish A-Team, Dadscare oremail them at