Aberdeen Masonic Open Day

Aberdeen Masonic Open Day.


Aberdeen Masonic Open Day 2018 is on the 8th of September between the hours of 10am and 4pm where guided tours will be given and light refreshments will be on offer.


Aberdeen Masonic Open Day 2018:

Aberdeen Freemasons Hall as its most commonly known as now as it used to be known as Aberdeen Masonic Hall.

If your interested in becoming a Freemason, PLEASE contact any of the brethren on the day or if you just have a general interest and you wish to know more of what the craft has to offer please email Sons of the Soil’s 1451 Almoner (the lodges caring officier) almoner@sonsonsofthesoil.co.uk

Sons of the Soil 1451 is one of the fastest growing lodges in the country, they have one of the largest closed group Facebook pages with over 6000 members, if your a freemason and you wish to join us your more than welcome please follow this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/585932091749684/

Sons of the Soil 1451 also has its very own dedicated website that averages 60,000 visitors per year and where you will get a flavour of what 1451 is all about!


On the open day members of Sons of the Soil will be there in force offering general advice and guidence please look out for us and if you have any questions they will answer them truthfully and to the best of their ability although actual ritual questions are excluded which is to be expected!

Members of some of the 1451 sons of the soil freemasons.