Virgin Mobile Customer Complaints.

Virgin Mobile Customer Complaints.


Virgin Mobile Customer Complaints dont get any better or worse than this my latest run in with VM CS and Virgin Credit.

Took my case to CISAS after nearly a year of constant complants to VM about them supplying me with a faulty Sony XZ of which they denied liability for.

Published the faults on youtube at their request then had to get a deadlock letter from VM, then had to raise case with CISAS then 20 days later VM confirms everything I claimed for was infact correct and depoisted a full refund of all monies paid to-date which was £380 and taking liability for supplying me faulty goods!

A few weeks later I got a request from VM Credit to please contact them so I did they said I had 6 months left on my credit agreement and even though VM CS had agreed to a full refund they still wanted me to pay £100 for what is now undistbuted faulty goods, have they no-shame?

Stay away from VM or you might become their next victims?