Paedophile dangers in the U.K.

Paedophile dangers in the U.K.


Please note this is a disturbing video which deserves answers – the British establishment under scrutiny?


Your child is in mortal danger from paedophile groups in U.K., the whole of Europe and the U.S.
While we in U.K. are being shocked by the austerity, food banks and the loss of the Welfare State our children are not safe to walk the streets.
This government is bringing in new laws in stealth and presenting them at the last moment but only after they have these new laws sewn up politically.
The media is being gagged although much of the U.K. so called press is being controlled by those who’s interest is vested in silence and misinformation.
It should be noted that a government who allow paedophiles to thrive at the same time as pushing austerity, food banks and the destruction of the Welfare State are the lowest of the low and one step away from the equivalent of having the citizens freedom destroyed.
Listening to this video may bring home the threat we and our kids are under…




North Sea Brent oil prices have fallen yet again to under $65 a barrel and OPEC determined to wipe out fracking for ever, shows no quarter will be given.



Crude has fallen nearly 45% YET petrol prices at the pumps only 10% so UK government still getting loads of our money.


Bad news is they will still need to borrow more to cover their losses short term as long term businesses that require cheap fuel will benefit more.


You might be reading this and thinking how come no reduction from the gas and electricity companies and so are we perhaps it just proves how greedy they really are, of course cheaper utility prices means less VAT returns so don’t expect London politics to help out the Scottish people anytime soon.


The SNP and Greens were the only parties to highlight this problems now look where we are now with a NO Vote result?



Alex Salmond getting the BBC royal treatment again - is there no shame from these idiots? How much more can we take?

We have two unknown minions slating the past First Minister of Scotland on the BBC which we pay for – I resent having to pay people to run down Scotland in any form – we have had more than enough of our over the border cousins this year after the questionable way in which they gained the independence vote being left to the friends of Westminster.

The BBC should be taken to task for this garbage – it is high time the Scottish Government took action against these people who continue to run down their northern goldmine – Scotland pays the BBC and their partners over 250 million pounds every year, if this was a newspaper the advertisers would threaten withdrawing their adverts – Scotland is sick of these cheap jibes – the BBC needs redress!



Yet more BBC bias reporting on the plight of the needy to apply for food through food-banks.

On the BBC today Norman Smith (BBC NEWS) was reporting on MP’s demanding more should be done to speed up benefit payments to help avoid having to go to food-banks in the first place, he also went on to confirm Tory Ministers thought the reason for more people accessing food-banks was that the information was more in the public domain, this is wholly wrong!

People cannot just turn up and say “Give us food gov”.

In order for anyone in the UK to access food-banks in the first place they need to prove they can not afford food and this can only be done through the DWP so why does the BBC not state this as fact?

Yet again any bad press the Government might get gets put into the long grass, there are genuine reasons for people and families having to go through food-banks and most of these reasons stem from IDS and his DWP departments and its them you have to beg to get the vouchers to access the said food-banks.

Is it any wonder the government wants to bring all food-banks into state control?

Hopefully the BBC will do its research first before reporting garbage just to help the DWP out of another own goal scored!



Scotland’s landowners came in stealth, bought up as much land as they could and in some cases remain unknown shielded by out of date laws perpetrated by legal representatives and getting all the benefits of owning land in Scotland.

An example is four Edinburgh lawyers fronting for an unknown owner or owners – why? what have they got to hide? isn’t it time we in Scotland knew exactly who owns these lands, after all other Countries insist on their lands belonging to their own people. We can only hope the Scottish Government takes a second and perhaps a third look at this odd situation.

Below you can read about some of the injustice going on right now in Scotland, these are taken from the U.K. governments pdf which highlights just some of the reasons and anomalies going on in Scotland’s land.

Most of the land here is owned by exceedingly wealthy people. Some of them are millionaires
from elsewhere: sheikhs, oligarchs and mining magnates who own vast estates in this country.
Although they might pay no taxes in the UK, they receive millions in farm subsidies. They are
the world’s most successful benefit tourists.
George Monbiot, The Guardian, 2 July 2013.
Rental payments vary and are top secret … [But] based on estimates the Duke of Roxburghe
could net around £1.5 million a year from his 48 120-metre-high turbines at Fallago Rig in the
beautiful Lammermuir Hills. Sir Alastair Gordon-Cumming could be earning around £435,000
annually from 29 giant turbines on his Altyre Estate near Forres in Moray. The Earl of Seafield
could get £120,000 a year from eight turbines on his estate near Banff. The Earl of Moray is
estimated to receive £2 million a year from 49 turbines at Braes O’Doune near Stirling … What
we are witnessing is … a dramatic transfer of money from the poor to the rich.
Struan Stevenson, So Much Wind, (Birlinn), Edinburgh, 2013, pp 43-46.
At first glance, Buccleuch Estates Ltd appears to be a conventional limited company with
directors and shareholders. In fact, it is the ultimate parent company for a string of other
companies including Buccleuch Properties Ltd which holds property worth £88 million …
Buccleuch Properties Ltd is, in turn, the parent company of companies such as Buccleuch
Property (Kettering) Ltd, Tarras Park Properties (Germany) Ltd, Buccleuch Property (Moscow) Ltd
and a slew of joint ventures in Cyprus, Luxembourg, Russia, Germany, Ireland and the UK.
This global empire is all ultimately owned by Buccleuch Estates Ltd. So who owns Buccleuch
Estates Ltd? The answer is that it is wholly owned by a nominee company, Anderson Strathern
Nominees Ltd, a company whose total paid-up share value is £4, whose shareholders are four
Edinburgh lawyers and whose total assets amount to £4. The company has been dormant since
its incorporation in May 1992 and it owns 100 per cent of Buccleuch Estates Ltd, a company
with total assets of £275 million and a turnover of £64 million in 2008.
The purpose of Anderson Strathern Nominees Ltd is thus merely to hold the shares of Buccleuch
Estates Ltd on behalf of others. Who those others are remains a mystery.
Andy Wightman, The Poor Had No Lawyers: Who Owns Scotland and How They Got It, (Birlinn
Ltd), Edinburgh, 2010, p 272.
A billionaire Danish fashion magnate has become the second-largest private landowner in
Britain with the purchase of the 20,000 acre Glaick Estate in Inverness-shire. Anders Holch
Povlsen purchased the land and associated properties from Xavier-Louis Vuitton, heir to the
French fashion label.
The latest acquisition by Mr Povlsen, who already owns the Glenfeshie, Ben Loyal and Kinloch
Estates, has increased the 43-year old’s land portfolio in Scotland to around 150,000 acres. It is
second only to that of the Buccleuch Estates … Mr Povlsen, whose family owns Bestseller, the
Danish fashion company that last year had a turnover of £2 billion …has been criticised in some
quarters for mounting a ‘land grab’ of Scotland to take advantage of farming subsidies, though
others claim he is motivated by a desire to protect wild land.
The Herald, 21 January 2013.
Danish billionaire Anders Holsch Povlsen has been putting together a collection of Highland
estates like a set of Lego bricks … What is going on? … The answer is – money. While we
conventional homeowners have been looking on in horror as our house prices plummet, it
seems that people who have put their faith in mud and grass, rather than bricks and mortar,
have been reaping a rich financial harvest …It’s not just the value of the land that brings in the
buyers either; it’s the fact that you can pass it on to your family without HM Revenue wanting a
slice …
So let’s get this right. Not only are you buying a commodity that increases in value [on average]
by £44 per acre per month, but you can hand it down tax-free to your children and
grandchildren. Wait, though, it gets better; on top of all that, the European Union will give you
It’s called the Common Agricultural Policy direct payment, and although we don’t know what
each UK farmer gets (the European Court of Justice has declared it illegal to publish how much
is given to individuals), we do know that the National Trust [in England and Wales] got £2.6
million last year for its farmland …
Daily Telegraph, Property Section, 13 May 2012

A full and comprehensive pdf file can be downloaded and read from;



Shock and Horror Tory MP caught playing Candy Crush for two and a half hours while in an official Parliamentary Works and Pensions Committee debating old folks.

At over £100,000 salary is this likely to get him sanctioned like other Job seekers that would have had them stripped of benefits if they dared to do likewise in say a proper job interview?

This Tory MP should at least hand back his salary and complete a community service order just for the fun of it.

It shows a complete disregard for those who elected him and shows how out of touch he and the rest of his sorry Tory party members are.

News reports are saying David Cameron also plays Candy Crush , for a number of years he has even managed to get to level 55 wow its true then he’s not very bright is he?

Just to make the point one of the authors of this blog is on level 411, been playing for 6 months but been in a coma for 5 of them….lol

You got to hand it to them Tory Toffs, addicted to Candy Crush Saga a game played by the masses to help them forget about the lives these people make for us, its enough to make one cry oh!, and he should be sacked and made to sign on next day.

Westminster In Utter Turmoil

Westminster In Utter Turmoil


Westminster In Utter Turmoil Now Alex has declared he’s running for Prime Minister at GE 2015.


He will contest the Gordon seat held by retiring Lib Dem MP Sir Malcolm Bruce.


Mr Salmond stood down as SNP leader and Scotland’s first minister after the “Yes” campaign was defeated in September’s independence referendum, we all know the referendum was engineered from Westminster via the three fairy story tellers and revenge will be all the sweeter.

He is expected to confirm his decision when he addresses a meeting in the constituency this morning.

There has been intense speculation that Mr Salmond would seek to return to Westminster ever since he announced he was stepping down as first minister we also knew it was his plan all along.

He currently represents the constituency of Aberdeenshire East in the Scottish Parliament and had indicated he would continue in that role.

At the 2010 general election Mr Bruce held the Gordon constituency in Aberdeenshire with a majority of 6,748 over the SNP.

BBC news correspondent Catriona Renton said there was an enormous amount of momentum behind the SNP since the independence referendum and Mr Salmond was likely to have a good chance in the Gordon seat and we stated this was his top pick on this website ages ago yet we had hoped he would have went after labours Anne Begg who has been disappointing at defending the sick and disabled at Westminster committees.

The PM jibe is to be taken in jest…..only kidding!…..after all we are not the Daily Record!

Masonic funeral in the Bahamas

Masonic funeral in the Bahamas

This video posted as requested; it reflects on the caring society within the Bahamas to those who work helping others;

There are at least nine grand lodges at work in the Bahamas, but the principal ones include 28 lodges under the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge Jurisdiction, Commonwealth of the Bahamas; 10 English lodges under the United Grand Lodge of England, 8 Scottish lodges, and one Irish lodge.



UK Slowest Recovery in History.













The slowest recovery in British history, and they say the latest Tory financial plan is working, really?

This is what happens when you let private school education fellows take over the country utter shambles.

In 2010 they told the masses the pain would be great and they/we were all in this together that was the first lie, then they sold another cracker that the bankers were innocent and the sick and disabled had to pay the price dearly!

They did and so did at least 90% of the rest of us only for the obscenely rich get even richer this is what the Tory party call a fair distribution of wealth, it’s what they have always done.

We are being told wages will stay at the same level until 2020 just before the next shower of hopeless politicians ask us to vote again for the same old crap as before of course we don’t really care in Scotland as we will be free of these greedy jokers for good and zero tears just like the tenfold increase by then of zero hour contracts, oh! goody lots to look forward to in the rest of UK PLC.

But if you listen to them they will tell you their economic plan is really working and bringing fantastic gains to all, vote for us again and stay the same till 2020 and after that let the fun times begin, really!

You can see the market loved it yesterday it was the only market to drop in the entire world on the day, its a good job Scotland is still bank rolling  these chancers or they would have vetoed our breakaway when the time came, so yet again we are the mugs propping them up and keeping them afloat, its them that should be sacked and forced to take on slave labour workfare and learn what many people are trying to cope on never ending low wages, high energy costs that governments simply cant control and disgraceful zero hour contracts that will get even worse when they leave Europe, get rid of human rights, so that their friends can impose even more Victorian values on the poor and weak which will account for 90% of the population which means the English who vote for them are either very rich or very stupid?

Lets All Move To North Korea

Lets All Move To North Korea.

It’s not as far fetched as it first seems, UK PLC is getting pretty close to it already after today’s Westminster repeat of “We are all in this together crap”.

They do have something in common with the North Korean’s that’s hard not to spot, very few at the top gains most just like in this country, the poor get no joy just lots more of the same.

Now just think most of their London friends not only already lives in the top 10% of high value properties but most of the Tory Toffs are also the top landlords of the City so this stamp duty is not for the poor’s benefit.

Most Tories’ will be jumping for joy a scheme to help out the minions helps the toffs for years to come, just in case they kicked out next May.

Then you have to ask ones self, why now? Simple, house values sliding in the capitol, so Osborne and Cameroon hatch a plan to line their and their friends pockets and make it look like it was done for the poor’s benefits they are so shameless they even used the example of the middle range of £250,000 as an shining example with people requiring at least a 5% deposit that’s £12500 upfront plus  a mortgage of £237,500 @ 5% pa=£1400 per month,  yep it was all done for the poor?

The poor get even poorer and the rich gets richer still and no-one defends the poor same old, same old, one good thing about moving to North Korea you won’t be required to stand in queues for shameful food banks because they don’t believe in them, just like in this country in fact the Tories deny there is even a need for them.
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