Flood Westminster with SNP and destroy the Red Tories

Flood Westminster with SNP and destroy the Red Tories

There’s going to be a lot of disinformation from sources all over the world which will try to destabilise and demonise SNP and make Alex and Nicola out to be Tartan Tories who are only interested in their own careers and doing secret deals with Westminster.

They know we plan to flood Westminster with SNP and destroy the Red Tories and they know this will accelerate the will and desire for full independence and the chance to declare a UDI in 2016. They will try to divide us and fragment the vote amongst pro-indy parties rather than us focussing solely on the SNP. This will allow Labour to hold onto many more seats than is currently forecast and it will be our own fault.

Don’t fall for it folks. Remember, the press in the UK, US, etc. are totally controlled and against us. They will use all the usual dirty tricks to divide and conquer. Please keep your wits about you – suss out and don’t believe the lies – don’t start fighting amongst ourselves and simply keep focussed on the end goal.

There are many groups and parties and we can retain our identity while uniting under the Yes banner.

Many of us may have to set aside personal beliefs, political leanings etc. for a short time – but this small sacrifice will be worth it when we are declared free and independent and we can then go back to our traditional views and get a government in place that the majority have voted for – a government that will be accountable and who will deliver the society we have dreamed of for generations.

Keep the faith people, keep united and let’s do this! If they can’t divide us, they can’t beat us. Status from Tony M

Murph the Smurph Next Scotttish Labour Leader

Murph the Smurph Next Scottish Labour Leader.

It shows just how desperate the Labour party north and south that Murphy is the only candidate worth considering.

Of course he’s not the best by a long shot but as no-one else wants to be a leader of a party that can’t even guarantee winning their own seat.

Polling has shown labour voters are so fed up with their lot they have very little idea themselves who should take over the reins.

Gordon the liar Brown seems to be their best bet but he’s done his bit for queen and Westminster that he won’t want to be reminded every day of the deeds he has done for the next five years so he’s out of the running as well besides the SNP would love to have him to focus Scott’s voters minds on.





Putting all your political eggs into one basket is a risky business especially when on the subject of getting your vote out to stay in the EU.

Recent polls in Scotland are just as fragile as they are in England with regards to EU support.

SNP’s strategy seems to be the hope that either the conservatives or UKIP forces a referendum that leaves Scotland voting as a nation of wanting to stay in therefore creating an constitutional crisis and the Scottish Government seeking to get a yes vote to effectively break away from the UK government by default.

Only seven weeks ago the Westminster lead parties was telling the Scottish people if we voted NO will would never get to stay in the EU, now they are saying they want to leave, the Scottish farming communities must be over joyed they voted No to stay in the UK only for them to now strengthen the party that now wants to leave all-together.

It seems the Better Together Campaign thinks staying within the UK as one big family is a great idea but leaving the EU and not being together seems more sense, what, but that’s our personal view?

During the Referendum debates it was clear their was many farmers that feared losing EU subsidies that keeps them in business and only 2 months later the very same no voters are wishing they actually voted yes instead.

The trouble is, outside the farming community it’s not certain by any means that Scotland wants to stay in the EU and if they vote no what will be SNP’s Plan B for getting the UK parliament to back a second Scottish independence Referendum (no chance)?

Putting all your political eggs into one basket is not a good political move especially if Scotland votes to leave the EU.





BBC BIAS AGAINST SCOTLAND is alive and kicking in 2014.

Scotland has been educated in the politics and policies of the BBC controllers especially after the Sept 18th 2014 independence vote.

Two years before the independence vote Scots watching political programmes or the many political discussions on any of the BBC channels couldn’t miss the bias displayed by both the interviewers and the coverage. Many of the interviewers displayed downright rudeness towards anything in favour of the Scottish independence vote or those different MPs who attempted to suggest independence.

It’s bad enough watching “Question Time”, which is pre-directed towards certain selected questions which in most cases can only get pre-set answers irrespective of who or whom asks them, with the chair getting twisted pleasure from cutting them off half way through their pre-selected answer.

At no time during the two years before the Scottish independence did I ever witness an interview or political programme which discussed Scotland’s future be fair or untouched with bios against Scotland’s independence.

We are informed that the BBC receives over £300million from Scotland each year, so lets take a little look at what is being paid for;
We pay for over inflated eggos who are nothing more than glorified interviewers, or awful daytime programming about housebuilding or house sales, in between cooking contests or loose women, with eternal outdated American junk which is on it’s 99th re-run – just remember we are paying an astronomical amount of money for this garbage – I wonder exactly how many viewers would truly request this rubbish day in day out – who are these unknown viewers who make up our gut wrenching programming for us, are they related to those working in the BBC or are they imaginary viewers who fit an imaginary slot.

The amazing thing is that the BBC programmes like comedy, films, nature stand head and shoulders above most other channels, and I think most would agree.

Lets now look at the BBC radio, BBC radio 1, BBC radio 2, BBC radio 3, BBC radio 4, BBC radio 5 – yes! we also pay our contribution for this lot as well.
An example of what goes on; before the Scottish referendum I listened on the radio 4 afternoon programme about how much it was expected to cost the Scottish government to set up an independent Country – the news quoted; X amount of millions – straight after the news that day we had a college professor very angry about the X amount which was quoted on the news – it turned out that this actual professor had been commissioned by the Westminster government to find out exactly how much it was going to cost to set up the independent Scottish government – what had happened was the Westminster Government had been given the figure by the professor and his team, and the Westminster government then multiplied it by twelve fold – ie; twelve times the actual costing quoted by the professor and his team.
The BBC national news, which goes out Worldwide on BBC World at six o’clock about an hour after the BBC Radio 4 interview quoted to everybody the original figure inflated twelve times, so many millions must have heard these blatant lies all over the World.
I believe these lies influenced many voters in the independence vote as newspapers and media covered the lies time and time again for days until the professors truth came out and then both the BBC and the newspaper media dropped the whole story, although many were quoting these lies for the whole of the time leading up to the independence vote.
I wrote to the BBC complaining about the lies and how I thought that many millions heard the lies – the BBC made no attempt to correct their blatant lies or withdraw the story, they did not answer my complaint either or acknowledge my letter to them.

The BBC need a complete overhaul; we are paying many millions of pounds to an organisation who care only about their own image – the BBC is outdated and needs an overhaul – it is broken and needs fixing before any other elections come up.
BBC Radio 3 has to be the lowest listeners and caters for practically nobody.

BBC Radio Scotland is supposed to be about Scotland and it’s people – when is someone going to inform Radio Scotland this?
It’s amazing when Scotland’s first minister phoned up a Radio Scotland morning show straightening out an Aberdeen Councillor after the Aberdeen Councillor told the people listening a pack of lies, they couldn’t get rid of the First Minister quick enough – yet on the other hand we got on the morning slot another morning the virtues of eating something which one of them had brought into their studio, they spent more time talking about this unseen and unheard of food than they did reporting the news – to suggest the figure of the £300 million plus going to the BBC is a disgrace, then here is an example of where your money is going.
I have only scratched the surface of the media bios we in Scotland have been forced to endure – I haven’t mentioned the BBC Radio Scotland bios, but as we all now know self preservation is a powerful influence on those working for the BBC in all it’s guises.

English Tories stirring up hatred for Scotland

English Tories stirring up hatred for Scotland

English Tory party are deliberately stirring up hatred for Scotland by allowing or promoting the burning of an effigy of the Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond in the East Sussex town of Lewes.

It is not enough for the Tory party to cause hardship with austerity, hardship with food banks, possible vote rigging and now we have to suffer in Scotland the brass neck of the Tory led council from England burning effigy’s of our First Minister.

They will be wondering next why the Scots don’t like the English – perhaps a backward glance at this ridiculous story creeping out of England may just give the half wits an idea. What the Tory party seems to miss is the facts that anyone in the East Sussex area who have voted for them are supporting this utter madness, so in theory these English residents have sanctioned the Tory party in their area to be this bigoted towards the Scottish population with total disrespect for our First Minister who was voted in by the majority of Scottish voters. Every single Tory voter in East Sussex town of Lewes is responsible for allowing this to happen – if this had been someone burning a flag which has happened in many British Cities they would have been flung in jail – what is the excuse this has not happened – it is more than a case of small things amuse small minds – those responsible should be facing criminal charges.

The mindless idiots who made the effigy for this mindless purpose are called;

Waterloo Bonfire Society – Lewes Bonfire. Waterloo Bonfire Society Limited UK – Limited Company, Company number: 3257422

Their website address to complain to is at;


You may find it is offline at present considering the number of complaints they have received and are likely to receive it may be a some time before they are back on line.

Could this be Scotland’s Watergate, Recordgate?

Could this be Scotland’s Watergate, Recordgate?

Deary me, the Daily Record is at sixes and sevens over their World exclusive VOW story published on the 16th of September 2014.

We have reported this outrage of the process for over 4 weeks now and since then Ed the shread and Ming the Ding has since said the VOW is a mocked up job thought up by the DR and it seems Recordgate has been born!

Now the Rev. Stu is on their case aswell asking for email disclosure’s from the three amigos before, during and after the most now despised daily in Scotland amoungst yes voters and now no voters to who feel they have been betrayed and cheated by the daily Slab publication.

Rev. Stu has also been bravely asking the PM an FOI about his actions and that of the other two stodges, FOI’s are a complete waste of time having sent hundreds in our time, you really need to ask 100 questions at the same time so there is no wriggle reply room and with this three they will riggle more than most, just wait and see.

Here is the problem no-one fron the BTG campaign ever though the Scott’s would rise up this quick and demand answers, so the fix guys are well and truely panicing and the normal procedure would be for Editor Foote falling on his sword as any thing other than a made up story would create a re-vote, of-course Foote has put it in his gob by stating it was not their story, really that means it must have been a cunning plan by the three amigos thus breaking the Purduh which meant Westminster or Scottish Government could not offer anything new for 28 days prior to the vote on the 18th!

Oh well if the dont deliver anything new then the purduh was never brought into play and on that they never broke any rules of course they said they did on the VOW but if no one can prove who said what and when the Westminster politicians win again, thats two up and counting.

This only leaves the Daily Recordgate to admit they made it all up themselves which is what will happen and yet again the Tory party will be rejoicing in the fact they blew labours puppet masters out of the water for zero effort.

The only thing left to explain is why they said nothing about before the vote, easy hoodwink the voters first then wait for the backlash later (if it comes at all) and say nothing.

One thing is for sure the next indy vote will produce better journalism or else payback will be just as swift and they know it now like never before.

The YES Campaign is coming under increasing presure internally to do something other than we except everything my lord, in fact get a steamroller and roll over us all just for good measure there’s a good old boy!

Could this be Scotland’s Watergate, Recordgate, it perhaps will be unless Foote gets the rabit out of the bag instead of pushing it in front of the headlights.

I bet this is one story that should have been ignored and left out of the front page.

More on this developing story here.


Scottish Labour Wants to Listen and Change!

Scottish Labour Wants to Listen and Change!

Scottish Labour Wants to Listen and Change, first they need to respect the people of Scotland and say sorry for the VOW that was a down-right lie!

Scottish Labour said this morning we never changed or listened for years, they are right they never or will they ever, its a branch of Labour England and will never be allowed its own independence.

Murph the Smurph isn’t going to be any different at least the other two stooges in the leadership battle are true left wingers but again both would still be controlled by Westminster politics.

Why would any Scottish voter vote for an English based party to govern Scotland and its people?????

Labour in Scotland can’t change or listen its not possible, they would never get the nod from Ed to change their structure that’s why the unions are running a mile from Smurph and the English based labour leadership.

They got into bed with the Tory party and that was the game changer for ever, they allowed the daily record the freedom of Scotland on the VOW PROMISE and said naff all and now they are willing to change and listen!

The people of Scotland will NEVER FORGIVE LABOUR not-ever again no matter what they say or promise they are but a branch office that is told what to think and do from an English based HQ in London and that’s all Scottish Labour will always be no matter what they say or do, period!


Westminster Scottish Vow in Tatters

Westminster Scottish Vow in Tatters.

Daily Record lies are coming back to haunt them, now Liberal Democrats are distancing themselves from the DR VOW statement. 

Below is a statement from a reader on Wings over Scotland who says Ming Campbell wrote to him spelling out no vow was offered rather a need for change.

Why did no political leader correct this gross injustice?

Daily Record should at least own up and close its publications for all time.

This shows that all other no campaign parties cannot be trusted to govern Scotland as this proves they cant even tell a simple truth about anything.

Westminster can’t understand why Scottish voters are turning their backs; on mainline Scottish media moguls or no campaign political parties because the Scott’s have learned that social media can provide better debate and truth for all.

All readers should write to your MP’s and ask for a signed copy of the DR vow?

I got my reply from Ming Campbell about the VOW. I emailed him but got a letter from the House of Commons plus a copy of the Campbell Report 11 from March 2014!

I can’t just copy the email and send so me being cynical thinks that this was deliberate. However here we are….Thank you for you e mail etc.



Each of the parties which did not support Independence had their own view as to how devolution could be improved. BUT THERE WAS NO COLLECTIVE ” VOW ” AS SUCH, but an agreement on the need for change.

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