Bank Of England Says Yes To Currency Union

Bank Of England Says Yes To Currency Union. The Bank of England has stated today they are prepared to accept Scotland keeping sterling when it wins the YES vote, they claimed it was Westminster that says no and may block a currency union so the very idea that it cant happen is not the same as it won’t happen.

The Bank of England said there was huge problems for sterling if Westminster says no the day after the vote, which only goes to prove the NO Campaign is all about projecting Operation Fear.


It would be totally irresponsible of the Westminster parties to continue with asking the SNP for a plan b when the governor of the Bank of England does not even consider a need for a plan B means they think there will be a currency union when Scotland Says YES.


  It also means this website has been right all along on Currency what does that say about the quality of political leaders outside the SNP.

“Common weal” explained perfectly.

There was a time, when good people were outraged by injustice, no matter their faiths, or politics.

There was a standard of decency for which millions fought, and died.
We inherited the world borne out of their suffering, and sacrifice.

The world where it was written into law, that the government provide for the welfare, and common good of the people whom they were entrusted to serve.

The welfare state was brought forth, not as an act of charity, but as an affirmation of our demand to be human. “To care”.
In the entire history off our nation, the welfare state was our finest hour. For that was what the heroes of the world wars fought, and died for.

For us, and all of our children.

In the space of 4 days this insipid “coalition” of rogues killed that law.

The government, no longer has a legal obligation to provide for the people.

The welfare state IS dead the UK is just another corporation now.

Want proof? our own poor are dependent on food banks.

There is no legal obligation on any level of civilian authority to provide for them.
The UK, Serves no specific purpose beyond the preservation of the elite.

70% of our laws are defined by the European parliament, its foreign policy, and defense dances to an American tune.

The remainder is Scots law, and the Westminster cabals hold on social security, and fiscal policy.

If you intend to vote NO, in the coming referendum, then you are the fool, the elite believe you to be.

If you want to preserve your humanity, then stand up for the “Common weal”.

If history proves anything. It is that you will inherit the country you create.

The UK is over.

It has reverted back to the 1930′s. the poor cut off, and the spoils divided among the elite.

The future is Europe, and the right to choose what country we want to live in, and like our own grand fathers, and mothers, make it happen.

Wake up, you have slept, and dreamed that you were free.
Oh, and BTW, you’ll still be paying more or less the same levels of tax in the BTUK, but the poor and unproductive.

will be abandoned.

I doubt they will all lie down.

If you do decide to become the better together people.

Then get used to this.

I hope you have the stomach for it in Scottish cities.

Westminster will of course protect you from us, by taking away the last of your rights, and institute draconian laws against the “terrorist” poor
All you people, indigenous, or no that have made Scotland your home.

Bear this in mind. Your vote is not just a number. It is an historic power. How you yield that power will determine the fate of the poor, and vulnerable among us.

It will define, the values of a nation, both within, and without.

You are the most important people in Scotland. Please remember who we are, and how we got here. How many of our forebears would love a vote, and how would they cast it?


The author of this is Karl Wood who placed it for distribution on another website – we feel he has described our Country’s needs perfectly.

Latest Bookmaker News on Yes Vote (Shocker)

Latest Bookmaker News on Yes Vote (Shocker)

Have you thought of placing a large bet on the result of the Yes Vote yet?

This report might perhaps change your minds, the authors of this blog has carried out research all over Scotland on the latest bookmakers prices on the Yes vote Scotland 2014 and you may be shocked at our findings but we ask our readers to check out our reports locally yourself.

Lets set the scene for you; its basically a two horse race where the bookies know there will be no dead heats so only one winner will be announced in the red corner we have the NO’s at 1 to 6 on favourite’s this means you only get £1 back in winnings if you place £6 on the No campaign wins (highly unlikely). In the righteous Scottish Blue Corner, Yes voters are at 4 to one this means you get back £5 for every £1 bet you place.

This is where it gets interesting, Bookmakers are refusing to take very large bets on the YES Vote but are taking unlimited sums on a no vote which means they know the YES vote is too close to call!


In any two horse race in the entire world this would only apply to the hot race favourite, we are not saying that the bookmakers are hyping the no vote to suit their own greedy agenda’s but you have to ask yourselves how they are refusing YES CAMPAIGN BACKERS from placing large bets on a YES VOTE BEING SUCCESSFUL IN September 2014,


It should also be noted in normal practice this is how a two horse race betting show is produced;

when one horse is quoted as 1/6 on the other horse is usually around 3/1 against – the independence betting show is not genuine because of this example, how do we know this? We asked the bookmakers who are themselves confused how these prices were reached! and it was the bookmakers who quoted the 3/1 against price being more realistic if the 1/6 price was genuine.



After researching nearly all of the reports on this particular heading I am at a loss why nobody seems to consider the most important things, so I will post them as an open letter instead – if the result is no independence in Sept 18th 2014, what will happen to the hundreds and thousands of our children who no fault of their own are being FORCED to eat from food banks, food banks in 2014 in what is supposed to be one of the richest Countries in the World?


- it’s no use blaming the Scottish government as they only get a derisory pittance to look after our Country from Westminster controlling the Barnet formula, next on the list is our superb NHS, if after the no vote we continue to see the private fiasco being FORCED onto England and Wales, it is obvious Scotland will also be forced to do likewise, all very well until someone is in desperate need of emergency treatment – the point here is when the whole NHS is privatised we will be back to the exact same situation as we are at present except the caring society most of us have implanted in us will have left the building and the delays will also be back.


- who is going to benefit from this, Answer; the 220 known parliamentarians who have financial vested interest in seeing this happen. These parasites are getting rich from the back of your children and grandchildren. Remember also you will need private health insurance, and as we all know insurance companies love paying out – NOT!


Next is the austerity which we all know by this time is another word for severe hardship, which has been promised for another six years – this in reality will make many of these millions of citizens realise that if they break the law, get put in prison, then they don’t need to worry about being fed until the year 2020.


By voting no the no voters are telling the Country overseers they have Carte Blanche, so if you think now is difficult then wait until they really get their boots on – worse will come, so it is obvious to a blind bat that our children will suffer worse, NHS patients will suffer worse and austerity will take on a new meaning because the existing regime will turn Treasure Island and the particular district called Scotland into a third World Country.


I am voting yes for my children and grandchildren and won’t feel in the future that I did not try or attempt to give them better and I won’t have the backward thought I may have damaged my offspring.


The future of Scotland is our children and not Alex Salmond or Alistaire Darling and it is NOT POLITICAL as far as the result is concerned, we should forget the TV debates, the politicians, the newspapers, etc, etc…you the voter have the final decision SO DON’T WASTE IT! VOTE “YES”.



Can anyone in the no campaign understand that the independence is about our futures – that is not yours, not mine, but our future generations.

Before we can have a future it has to be built, and built by those living in Scotland after the referendum irrespective of where they actually belong to and what colour or creed they are.

If after the 18th of Sept 2014 and the result is no then we will all have to come to terms with that result – which may I add will be much harder than people think – why? because there is part of us will always wonder if they had said yes if their life would really have improved.

If the result is yes then those who have voted no will just have to accept the fact that they do belong to the Land of Milk and Honey.

I am not ashamed being Scottish, I am proud to be Scottish, I am not ashamed to care about the kids who through no fault of their own have to rely on their parents getting food from places they call food banks, and that we should agree is a disgrace in 2014.

I am ashamed of the Scottish people who are condoning this by voting no.

I am also ashamed of the Scottish people who are also condoning hardship to poor families using the fancy and dredged up word call austerity which in reality means severe hardship.

I am also ashamed of the Scottish People who are condoning the destruction of the NHS heading into Scotland because of the tight fisted Westminster government restricting health services for our citizens when no thought whatsoever is considered if buying bullets and weapons.

Many word have been spoken about the Scottish NHS being run by the existing Scottish government – considering the Scottish government get a pittance for doing this, sick people who need medicine are being cared for – the future does not look positive for those who need medicines.

I am proud to be Scottish but I am not proud to be connected with anyone who cannot see the injustice being done to the poor and disabled in the U.K., never mind Scotland.

I pray some of you who have taken a balanced read at this will realise that it is only by the grace of God that you are in either a good financial position today or you have never been involved with the inevitable emergency hospital visit.

I am also ashamed of the Scottish people who say they understand the treatment doled out to those who cannot or are unable to help themselves, as what goes around comes around eventually.

What Westminster does

Please note; I did not write this excellent piece – but thank you to whoever wrote it.

It is a reminder of what we are being walked into with all around being devious and telling whoppers.


What Westminster does:

- They want us all to work longer, and want you to pay more into your pension- yet the state pension in the UK is one of the lowest in Europe.


- They over-tax companies thus restricting foreign investment, costing the UK jobs and keeping employment down.


- They want new laws to “snoop” into our personal affairs- yet wish to allow greater secrecy for the royal family; and recently brought in a new “gagging law” designed to disable criticism of the government in election years.


- They want to introduce another £25 billion in cuts, regardless of the fact that they say we are now “out of recession”


- They want to drastically cut back on public employees and services.


- They wilfully allow tax avoidance at the very top, through loopholes and “off-shore” banking- costing the UK billions a year in lost earnings.


- They over-claim “expenses” and even if they get caught, rarely have to pay the money back or face legal proceedings.


-They use public money to buy and “flip” properties- JUST staying within the law. (Laws THEY write)


- They do NOTHING about the serious levels of inequality that now pervade the entire country, but affect Scotland the worst with 1 in 5 living below the breadline.


- They REFUSED the “Devo-Max” option to be allowed in the referendum.


- They LIED about the cost of setting up an independent Scotland- multiplying by 12 fold the actual cost.


- They blame the poor for the stress the UK economy is under saying the welfare bill is too high- yet 80% of welfare is spent on pensions.


- They have said “90% of all Scots are scroungers”


- They want MORE fracking in the UK despite the fact that it is a serious danger to the environment and is banned in many other countries.


- They REFUSE to create an “oil fund” and currently the UK and Iraq are the only two oil-producing countries in OPEC that do not have this facility.


- They have privatised the NHS in England, thus threatening the funding for the NHS in Scotland.


- They refuse to publish important documents relating to the referendum saying they are “internal memos” despite having paid over £300,000 of taxpayers money on them.


- They want to replace Trident, even though the majority of people do not want this, and even the American administration has said they would rather have a strong “conventional” ally.


- They refused to deal with the bankers, and in fact still pay out massive bonuses to them- despite the fact that they continue to lose money.


- They actively encourage bias in the mainstream media, and “gag” opposition voices.


- They have LIED about Faslane, exaggerating the amount of jobs that rely directly on trident- the figure according to the MOD is 520.


- They have LIED about shipbuilding on the Clyde, saying they do not award contracts to “foreign countries” but have awarded a contract in Korea.


- They hide Scotland’s true wealth by applying certain taxes/ collecting revenues in England, making Scotland look poorer than it is.


- They REFUSE to ask the EU for “clarity” on Scotland position should we become independent.


- They have lied about Scotland not being “allowed” to use the pound- even though we OWN our share of ALL UK assets. On-shore revenue accounts for about 10% of UK GDP, and Scottish oil another 10%, so it is hard to see how (or why) they can/would refuse a currency union.


- They “talk down” Scottish oil- even though it is the BIGGEST single sector in the FSTE- 100 index, and in 2012 created £22 billion in revenue.


- They ENDORSE political censorship by disallowing the true voice of the Yes Campaign and its supporters to be heard across the land.


This is what Westminster “gives” Scotland, and that is not all of it by ANY stretch of the imagination- they give us a lot more than that.


That is the REALITY of Westminster.


Please think about this when you vote.
Westminster simply does NOT serve Scotland.





The NHS has been deliberately underfunded by the Westminster millionaires in power – in order for it to be broken up and Privatised – you must vote YES on Sept 18th 2014 to avoid the exact same story in Scotland.


The Westminster millionaires do not need Scotland’s money they just believe our money in Scotland belongs to them and they will do anything to get their hands on it – how else are they going to finance their pharmacy companies?

How else are they expected to send their children to private schools?


Yes of course, off the back of YOUR children who deserve better, so if you must vote then vote YES for them to give them an equal chance for the future in EVERY walk of life.


With a YES vote there will be no division with any children for the rest of their lives -
With a NO vote there will be a massive class distinction for the rest of their lives.


Your children will never understand unless you have the courage and sense to vote YES.


After the 18th of Sept 2014;;

If you really believe that after the referendum vote in September the 18th 2014 that Scotland will be a better place with a NO vote – I would suggest, check out all the actual true facts (not from the media,press or MPs), check out what your ancestors would have voted for, and finally check out your conscience, Scots from all over the World will expect the Scottish people have strength and courage to vote YES – we will not let them down!


Voting NO means going nowhere fast – are you willing to turn your Country into a Country with NO one having NO sense where everything means going nowhere fast – after all that is what the status quo is, ie; NO means going nowhere – staying exactly the same and knowing you are destroying what we already have, such as the NHS, free education for our children and grandchildren, free prescriptions, free bus pass for needy pensioners, a NO vote will remove what we already have and more.


1/* In Scotland at present; nobody can deny our Scottish kids who are educated in Scotland do not need to find thousands for their education. (this is fact!) perhaps you are one of those parents who have more money than common sense?


2/* In Scotland at present; nobody needs to find money to pay for prescription charges. (this is fact!) millions of people cannot afford prescriptions!


3/* In Scotland at present; needy and lonely pensioners can travel free on the bus which gives them a chance to keep in touch with their friends and at the same time save a little on their heating bills for the Winter months.(this is fact!) Do you grudge a pensioner having friends?


Points 1,2 and 3 above will no longer be available with a NO vote, perhaps a YES vote will bring much more to Scotland’s people?

Are you one of Scotland’s people?

or are you just another NO voter with no or little conscience?



Scotland pulls off the greatest Coup in the history of UNICEF fundraising by getting the worlds 1.5 billion TV audience to text first to 70333.

The world saw almost 40,000 scotts at Celtic Park get their mobile devices out and give £5 to help the poorest children of the world and all if 71 nations of the commonwealth games do the same UNICEF will be helping millons and the Scottish games will be remembered for hundreds of years to come.

Scottish people are some of the kindest and friendliest peoples on this earth and most generous.

Scotland showing the world the way ahead!

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