Law Firm Celebrates No Win one Day Early

Law Firm Celebrates No Win One Day Early.


We have been tipped off from several readers of this blog over the last few days that a famous law firm with offices in certain Scottish Cities including Aberdeen held NO Campaign victory celebrations with magnum champers no-less, one whole day early and before the vote even took place!


This is what we call in Scotland “taking the P*SS far to far”.

If that’s not bad enough one famous bookmaker was paying out the punters betting on a NO vote a whole two days early to punters in the south of England which has alleged very close links to the NO Campaign in England, where have you ever heard of that before on what the general UK media was hyping as too close to call!

Was this the reason no exit polls were allowed to take place anywhere in Scotland as the yes campaign would have walked the vote after polling stations closed and the end result could have been over 20% out of sink and they could not answer why they were well off the mark as exit polls are never more than 1% wrong in any recent elections around the entire world?

We are getting lots of reports of similar party events either well before or just after the polls closed, when you look at the body language of the No campaigners at their party they held in Scotland after the vote closed everyone saw they all knew the scale of the result before a single vote was counted and many behavioral experts have stated this since.


With growing evidence by the day their was some sort of fix in place calls for an urgent inquiry into possible vote rigging will only grow louder, all parties should be very worried by everything and all evidences of rules and regulations being fully investigated as it seems certain government insiders knew no matter what Scottish Voters did, the Yes Campaign was never going to win, its high time the the Yes Campaign stood up for the people of Scotland and demand inquiries take place or perhaps they were on in this cosy fix as well?


Had this vote taken place anywhere else the UK Government would be shouting from the rafters proclaiming it was a banana republic fix yet here we are less than a month old and most Scott’s think we have been conned out of self government and perhaps even from the sides that said they wanted to win most bottled it and perhaps took the offer from others of federalism rather than take the risk of losing everything of course if this was the case they knew at the time this was a win, win, win, for them as Westminster would never deliver on their pledges which we are seeing now and the next referendum would be a walk over as it will turn out to be.


Of course if we and other bloggers are wrong about this idea you would have expected at least the SNP leadership to shout from the rafters about all this injustices but what have we heard, not a sound, oh except one, Jim Sillars on twitter JUST 2 DAYS after the count “we need an inquiry into possible vote rigging and not a squeak since, makes us wonder about things how about you our loyal readers?

No Formal Training Before Vote

No Formal Training before Vote

Yes folks yet again another horror story is unfolding before our very eyes most if not all presiding officers or counting officers were given any formal instructions on the day or night of the 18th of September.

If they were then they would have known issuing BLANK BALLOT PAPERS to voters was not allowed and counting officers finding Blank Ballot Papers should have been rejected makes everyone cringe with horror that something that was in the planning for two years can be this badly run, school kids of 12 could have run a better show than this!

The reason most never got training is the fact every council asks its employees to volunteer for either the day shift or nights one cannot do both!

Most council staff have been doing this job for many years and don’t appreciate they may require instructions?

Most we have talked did not know ballot papers were meant to be marked on the reverse side – WHAT?

So far 110,000+ ballots according to the blank ballot survey has be cast that should have been rejected at the counts from all over Scotland, this is because for every person who reports this means the voters pads comes in 100 bails if one report is blank it must follow all 100 ballots must also be blank, think about this please?


The SNP leadership have told this website; “to be clear all ballot papers were indeed blank“. So here we are not even the SNP knew what the rules were before the vote took place or did they even care?




The SNP can’t have it both ways but are trying hard to.



Election Scotland says NO BALLOTS WERE BLANK period so who is telling the truth here!




Election Scotland is saying NO Blanks, SNP say YES they all were, Greens say a bit of both yet rules says no blanks allowed to be counted so the party that wanted to win the most says,







Perhaps the yes campaign were too quick to offer those assurances and now they are just plain stuck with the result no matter what they have learned over the last few weeks?




Perhaps they know this was an error on their parts and cant admit they were suckered into it.

 Insanity springs to mind here?

You would think professional journalists would be all over these kinds of massive gaffs but its left to hobby bloggers, some close to death to do their work for them and we won’t fail our readers without seeking out the truth no matter what colour it turns out to be!

The biggest problem in Scotland is keeping a secret no matter what, its people always finds out.


We then have to wonder when, not if these little secrets are released on any alleged pre-deals or POLITICAL inducements to somehow comply, there will be surely hell to pay at the next ballot box games in May 2015 and beyond for years to come.

It seems the voters of Scotland knew more than the elected MSP’s
Blank Ballot Papers are a massive issue for thousands of voters of our country and if politicians ignore calls for genuine inquiries then 100,000 SNP members will get and elect new people that will stand up and be counted have no fear about that.

It seems the politicians are happy for the people of Scotland to shout the loudest while they wait for Westminster to shoot themselves in the foot every day but they can’t leave it for too long or people might just think they knew more than they are letting on even most no-voters the genuine ones are starting to think if their no-vote was actually counted or not?

If our elected MSP’s don’t care about alleged vote rigging then what is the point of voting for them at all?

Scottish Ballot Paper Survey.

Scottish Ballot Paper Survey.

At last action is now been taken to ask for a judical review and voters who witnessed at first hand blank voting papers to come forward and report their findings in black and white.

Over 1500 replies so far and it seems this issue was widespread practice all over Scotland and given their was only few thousand spoilt papers it seems crazy that any blank ballot paper would not have been rejected leaves one to suspect ballot boxes must have been switched on route as a lot more ballot papers would have been rejected and rightly so!

When you voted just remember back when you folded your ballot paper in half if it was all white and nothing writen on it you were served a blank ballot paper, you were perhaps cheated out of your vote and required to report as that is a criminal offense.

With so many reports of blank ballots now surfacing this entire result is unsafe and our politicians have to stand up and be counted, its not a case of asking for a revote but a recount or verifcation of the blank ballot issues need to be addressed and the only way that will happen is if a Scottish Sherrif deems it to be so.

The SNP has stated all ballot papers were indeed blank, Election Scotland says none were, the greens says some were, some were not, the point is the regulations are clear NO BLANK BALLOT PAPER CAN EVER BE COUNTED, PERIOD!

One thing is for sure millions of Scottish voters wont ever mark a x again without first checking the back of the ballot paper!

If you are 100% certain you were given a blank ballot paper on the 18th of September please do the right thing and report your findings to here;

Westminster carve-up

The SNP has branded proposals for TV debates ahead of the next general election as a “cosy Westminster carve-up” after the party was not included.

The party hit out at broadcasters after it emerged that Ukip leader Nigel Farage would be invited to appear in one of three televised clashes.

The UK’s major network broadcasters – the BBC, Sky, Channel 4, and ITV – said their proposed debates would be “vital in engaging voters with the political process”.

Their proposals, which have yet to be agreed by the parties, outline a trio of debates. The first would be a head-to-head showdown between Prime Minister David Cameron for the Conservatives and Leader of the Opposition Ed Miliband for Labour to be chaired by Jeremy Paxman and co-produced by Sky News and Channel 4.

The second would be a BBC broadcast moderated by David Dimbleby and featuring Mr Cameron, Mr Miliband and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg representing the Liberal Democrats. The third programme would see the three main party leaders joined by Nigel Farage, leader of Ukip, to face questions from ITV’s Julie Etchingham.

However, the exclusion of the SNP, which is the party of government in Scotland, has six MPs in the House of Commons, and is currently ahead in the polls for 2015, prompted an angry response.

Westminster SNP leader Angus Robertson said: “These proposals will be utterly unacceptable to any democrat. What the London-based broadcasters are proposing fails in their duty to their viewers in Scotland, and simply doesn’t reflect the reality of politics across the UK today.

“The broadcasters have the cheek to say that their proposed format factors in ‘changes in the political landscape’ to justify including Ukip – entirely ignoring the fact that the SNP are now by far the third largest political party in the UK.

“Current Westminster voting intentions put the SNP in the lead in Scotland, and it is clearly wrong that the leader of the third biggest political party in the UK should be shut out of these network debates.

“Yet they are proposing to include UKIP, despite the fact the SNP won six seats at the last general election to UKIP’s none – and with the SNP at 40% in Scotland for the general election, to UKIP’s four per cent.”

Mr Robertson said broadcasters were repeating perceived mistakes of the referendum campaign and told the BBC to “hang their heads in shame”.

He continued: “Despite the experience of the referendum campaign, the network broadcasters have once again forgotten their responsibility to Scotland. The BBC in particular as Scotland’s public service broadcaster should hang their heads in shame – under their proposals, the Tories and Labour would be included in four debates, the Lib Dems three, and the SNP just one. That is simply unfair to Scotland’s electorate.

“This looks like yet another cosy Westminster carve-up, and we need to know what discussions the broadcasters have had with the other parties, and why there has been absolutely no discussion with the SNP. These proposals are clearly inappropriate for Scotland, and cannot stand.”

Story from itv

Bank Of England Would Have Supported Scottish Banks

Bank Of England Would Have Supported Scottish Banks after all, post Scottish vote!

The Bank of England was ready to flood the financial markets with millions of pounds of emergency funding if Scotland had voted to break away from the UK in last month’s referendum.

Outlining the contigency plan that would have been rolled out in the event of a “yes” vote, the Bank of England was also ready to stand behind bank notes issued by Scottish banks in an attempt to reassure customers that there would be no immediate changes.

“Under current arrangements, Scottish banknotes are backed fully by their issuers’ holdings of Bank of England notes, UK coin and deposits at the Bank of England. This would have been a key public message in the event of a ‘yes’ vote,” the Bank of England said.

These details were released by the Bank’s financial policy committee, set up by the coalition in the wake of the 2008 crash – show the extent of the planning that had been put in place ahead of the referendum. In the event, Scotland had alleged vote rigging to help it stay in the United Kingdom, watch this space.

So there we have it the Yes campaign was telling the truth and the NO MOB was making it as they went along with operation FEAR to scare businesses and the old and frail, how can the labour party in Scotland ever be trusted again?


Ruth Davidson interviewed by police

Ruth Davidson interviewed by police over vote claims

Friday 10 October 2014
SCOTS Tory Party leader Ruth Davidson has been interviewed by police in her Parliament offices in connection with allegations pro-Union campaigners illegally counted postal votes in the weeks before independence referendum ballots closed.

Ms Davidson was spoken to yesterday, six days after Police Scotland was instructed to carry out an investigation into alleged electoral secrecy law breaches.

Party sources say the interview was conducted on the basis of her being a witness and that Ms Davidson is not the subject of the investigation.

The formal police probe was sparked after the Scottish Tory leader said on a televised discussion that postal vote “tallies” were being taken in the weeks before the referendum ballot closed at 10pm on September 18.

Police made initial telephone contact with Ms Davidson last Friday and party sources said at the time, and continue to say, that there is “no suggestion she was accused of doing anything wrong”.

Central to the probe is televised coverage of the referendum results, 45 minutes after the polls closed, in which Ms Davidson said that the No camp had been incredibly encouraged by the results of a “sample opening” of the postal ballot that she said had taken place around the country during the few weeks prior to the poll.

Complaints over her account of the postal vote “tallies” raised concerns the information may have helped inform the No campaign’s decision to issue the vow of more powers for Scotland from the three main party leaders.

A Scottish Conservative Party spokesman said yesterday: “Ruth had arranged to speak to police today in her office to help them with complaints they had received.”

In the footage forwarded to police, Ms Davidson said: “Postal votes are going to be enormously important in this campaign; about 18 per cent of the vote is going to come out of postal ballots and we have had people at every sample opening, around the country, over the last few weeks, while that’s been coming in. And we’ve been incredibly encouraged by the results.”

Later, referring to postal ballots, she said: “Different local authorities have had openings around the country”, before adding: “There’s people in the room that have been sampling those ballot boxes that have been opened and have been taking tallies and the reports have been very positive for us.”

Political agents and campaigners are allowed to oversee the postal vote opening sessions, where checks are made to verify the signatures and dates of birth on postal voting statements against computerised records, but it is illegal to attempt to ascertain how a vote has been cast.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said of the latest development: “We never comment on anyone who is spoken to as part of any ongoing investigation.”

Alyn Smith SNP MP corrects Scotsman newspaper about their incompetence

Alyn Smith SNP

Alyn Smith SNP

The letter from Alyn Smith SNP Member of the European Parliament for Scotland To the Scotsman.
International Scotland would say, this is the sort of reporting that we are sick of – if they have the neck to call themselves “The Scotsman”, it is high time they stood up for Scotland and the people who live in Scotland, there are enough Westminster mouthpieces over the border and in the media and TV without them appearing in Scotland in yet another rag using a false identity, and using the name Scotsman when everybody knows the Scots or should that be Scotsmen hate the Tories.
The SNP have done more for Scotland than any newspaper or rag and after seven years they are still flying the flag in support of our citizens, long may they continue.

Human rights at risk in Scotland too
Published on the
03 October

I don’t know where to begin with the wrongheadedness, ignorance and confusion behind the Scotland Office spokesman’s claim, reported uncritically in your paper (2 October), that Scotland will be immune to the Tories’ plan to junk the Human Rights Act.

You appear to have conflated the distinct European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) requirements written into the Scotland Act – that Holyrood legislation and
Scottish ministers respect Convention rights – with the much wider reach of the Human Rights Act, which binds over all public authorities in Scotland to observe fundamental rights.

If this act were repealed, all of those protections the Scottish people currently enjoy would be stripped away.

Even the Scotland Act is ultimately a piece of Westminster legislation and although schedule 4 rightly protects the Human Rights Act from any amendment by the Scottish Parliament there is nothing to prevent it being amended or repealed from London.
The convention has been very good for Scotland. It has protected our privacy, checked arbitrary power, promoted the rights of LGBT people and protected your right to object to fracking under your house.

It stands against the deportation of anybody to countries where they are likely to be subject to torture, mistreatment, and the flagrant denial of injustice. This has been denounced by senior members of David Cameron’s government and an increasingly bold Eurosceptic media as an arrogant and unwelcome interference in our internal affairs.

But what serious-minded, ethical person could endorse the idea, and turn a blind eye to such wrongs? In law, nothing can prevent the demise of the Human Rights Act in
Scotland if Westminster demands it.

Make no mistake. The fundamental rights of Scots are in serious danger from the Prime Minister’s reckless, reactionary European policy. Repealing the Human Rights Act is a Union dividend of which only Belarus could be proud.

Alyn Smith

SNP Member of the European Parliament for Scotland


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