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I had an occasion to visit the Garthdee centre recently and boy was it cold – they are most definitely on a penny pinching exercise. I swear I saw a wee brass monkey and one of the visitors called him Poll, in fact I’m sure one of them said to the monkey Polly put that kettle on, it’s bludy freezing in here!

As if that wasn’t enough we then got fed nearly stale food that you could have bounced off the wall.

I was in Garthdee for a while and never spotted anybody except that wee brass monkey gibbering for money for coffee’s.

Unless your keen to get a dose of the cold or flu it’s worth keeping well away from that Centre – you could wear a heavy coat or even a scarf and gloves – just remember this; it was freezing the day I went but inside it was even colder. What a memory..:)

Election Scotland Freedom of Information Request

Election Scotland Freedom of Information Request.

Election Scotland Freedom of Information Requests?






We were told thousands of complaints were made to Election Scotland yet

nothing has been said or heard of since.

The above screen caputre can be found here;

This website is about to formally request that we get answers to this subject, we intend to ask the following questions to Election Scotland regarding the vote on the 18th of September.

1/How many complaints were made by members of the public and other relevent bodies before, during and after the Sottish referendum vote held in Scotland on the 18th of September 2014.

2/How many complaints are still pending and how many have been concluded?

3/What actions are taking place?

4/How many complaints have been received regarding all vote-rigging claims?

5/How many complaints recieved regarding Ruth Davidson MSP and conservative agents alleged counting of postal votes before polling day?

You can either ask the same questions or your own and wait to see the answers and report back here with your findings?

Just to make you aware the electoral commission had nothing to do with this vote it was left to all council areas so you need to find your local returning office.


Blank Ballot Papers

Blank Ballot Papers?

Blank Ballot Papers is an issue that’s really taking the new Scottish media groups by storm it seems our 18th of never vote had so many inconsistencies that no-one really knows the truth any more!

Now us bloggers don’t know much about voting rules but there are lots of council workers that do and many are now speaking out ten days on from the 18th and its amazing what they are saying about the issue of blank ballot papers.

Some are saying counters asked officials about what they should do if no barcodes were on the ballot papers and told to count them anyway.

Debra Storr’s blog stated all Aberdeenshire Ballots had barcodes on the back yet Aberdeen City had none (well my one was blank for sure) on the same blog other counters claimed some had and some never in Glasgow if all these accounts are true how can the count be truly trusted, there’s five weeks to go before complaints about the vote must come to an end by that time Social Media will have done all the ground and leg work for the politicians in the YES Campaign to take over the real fight and if they don’t they may also lose the trust of some of the people as lots of folk are now asking how they have been so silent on these issues as well?

Election Scotland is going to be very busy this week first they need to tell us about blank ballot papers and why there are so many without them being counted and not rejected and what the counters were instructed on before the said counts were started?

How many votes was counted that had no barcodes how many were that did and if they don’t know, why not?

This is getting very disturbing and kind of proves this vote was indeed a shambles and perhaps should either be recounted or given a full revote to gain confidence in our Scottish voting system.

Latest Bookmaker News on Yes Vote (Shocker)

Latest Bookmaker News on Yes Vote (Shocker)

Have you thought of placing a large bet on the result of the Yes Vote yet?

This report might perhaps change your minds, the authors of this blog has carried out research all over Scotland on the latest bookmakers prices on the Yes vote Scotland 2014 and you may be shocked at our findings but we ask our readers to check out our reports locally yourself.

Lets set the scene for you; its basically a two horse race where the bookies know there will be no dead heats so only one winner will be announced in the red corner we have the NO’s at 1 to 6 on favourite’s this means you only get £1 back in winnings if you place £6 on the No campaign wins (highly unlikely). In the righteous Scottish Blue Corner, Yes voters are at 4 to one this means you get back £5 for every £1 bet you place.

This is where it gets interesting, Bookmakers are refusing to take very large bets on the YES Vote but are taking unlimited sums on a no vote which means they know the YES vote is too close to call!


In any two horse race in the entire world this would only apply to the hot race favourite, we are not saying that the bookmakers are hyping the no vote to suit their own greedy agenda’s but you have to ask yourselves how they are refusing YES CAMPAIGN BACKERS from placing large bets on a YES VOTE BEING SUCCESSFUL IN September 2014,


It should also be noted in normal practice this is how a two horse race betting show is produced;

when one horse is quoted as 1/6 on the other horse is usually around 3/1 against – the independence betting show is not genuine because of this example, how do we know this? We asked the bookmakers who are themselves confused how these prices were reached! and it was the bookmakers who quoted the 3/1 against price being more realistic if the 1/6 price was genuine.




We told him he was out of his depth and we were right, it seems where-ever the Donald goes his greatest nightmare follows him his love of wind turbines, of course it could be said the Scottish and Irish are pretty close in the friendship stakes and share the same personalities and now the same sense of humour.

It seems trump will need to come back here to Aberdeen and plant 40 foot high fir trees along the sand dunes to hide his number 1 course and now his number 2 course.

When we they learn that in times of war they put the Irish and Scottish at the front for good reason, because they take crap from no-one. sorry they stole that one 1 at WIPO another good story for another day, we said they need to work with others like all good businesses has to do but they ignored our advices and now they are in no mans land.

The moral of this tale is you need to respect and work with others before money and bullyboy tatics especially trying to evict little old ladies out of her mobile home on her own land, Scottish people are funny about such things!

Read more here, lol






The Scottish National Party announced today (Thursday) that it is tabling a series of Freedom of Information requests and Parliamentary Questions at Westminster to demand “full disclosure” of UK government activities to pressurise business people to speak out on behalf of the No campaign.

This follows the report in the today’s Financial Times that ‘several senior defence executives’ told the newspaper that they ‘were being pressed’ to oppose a Yes vote in the referendum – one senior defence executive said that UK officials were making “deft use of the dark arts” and that ministers have been doing this “energetically”.

The newspaper reports that: ‘The government’s decision to put pressure on companies to speak out against independence suggests anxiety about the referendum result in September.’

This reflects reports in the Sunday Herald newspaper that UK diplomatic resources are being used abroad to support a No vote and brief against an independent Scotland.

SNP Westminster leader and defence spokesperson Mr Angus Robertson MP said:

“These damning revelations expose the fact that UK Government Ministers are attempting to pressure companies which depend on MoD orders and contracts to speak out on behalf of the No campaign. We need to know which ministers and officials are involved, and what exactly they are doing and saying to exert this pressure. One senior defense company executive has accused the UK Government of making ‘deft use of the dark arts’.

“We also need to know the extent to which this is happening across other sectors of the economy, and the SNP will be tabling a series of Freedom of Information requests and Parliamentary Questions at Westminster to get full disclosure of this secret and underhand activity.

“The No campaign have been hoist by their own petard on this issue, given that they have now been exposed for indulging in exactly the kind of activity that they have falsely accused the Scottish Government of.

“We now have clear evidence of a furtive whispering campaign both at home and abroad in support of the No campaign, utilising public money, by a UK Government whose Prime Minister is too frightened to debate First Minister Alex Salmond face to face. It is clear that the No campaign is badly rattled.

“Independence will offer great opportunities for companies in all sectors – and it is to the credit of the companies involved here that they appear to have resisted the pressure they were put under by Westminster Ministers.”


New Inchgarth Website has been developed and opened which we warmly welcome as it has some new information even this website welcomes as it validates our own blog reporting.

International Scotland has given the author of that site permission to use our award winning Disclaimer notice to stop Polly Wally and his legal teams in their tracks by getting visitors to undertake certain requirements before using the site and offered advices on where to host. is the new web address of the latest site to cast an eagle eye on all things inchgarth and beyond, is it not interesting more and more people are taking a closer look at what goes on there.

We would like at this time to pass on our comments that who ever decided to let go and keep the .org version should be shot at dawn…

The management committee in our opinion should sack the person responsible as its not like they cant afford it, is it?

Many interested local web gurus are astounded as we were that these domains, rented by Mr O’Connor for the last two years and let go in this way is quite frankly gob-smacking and in our opinions totally unprofessional.

Can we ask the IMC why they were so stupid in letting this domain go, were they even consulted on their pending expiry, we also note during this articles research, inchgarth has also expired the domain name is that because you blew the chance of ever running that centre not that you had loads of chances to run it and wanted more than the council could provide, perhaps its just as well as there is no room there to build an inchgarth style sports arena unless you scrap the schools car park but then where would the fish-man go?

Our readers are welcome to visit this new website and see we were right to question some things that were happening there and may happen in the future that’s now four independent websites taking a close look at developments there from now on.



Aberdeen International Get It Right This Time.

Aberdeen International Get It Right This Time.

Not another new Cafe in Sight! Congratulations to the trusts panel for selecting proper use of their donations to proper and deserving causes.

Two Aberdeen charities are set to share in £50,000 thanks to the Aberdeen International Airport Community Panel.

A record number of groups applied to be part of the ‘Trust Challenge Fund’ late last year, a dedicated pot of money to be spent over and above the regular airport charitable donations. It was hoped that projects would come forward who could turn this donation into something aspirational.   After much deliberation, two projects have emerged successful, one to transform an old play area in Torry into a community green space, and another run by the YMCA to support disengaged and unemployed young people in Aberdeen.   The two applicants will each get £25,000 towards their initiative, after their applications were successfully scrutinised by the central LHR Airports Communities Trust.   The first of the chosen applications was from the Aberdeen Play Forum, and will allow them to redevelop Girdleness Road Park. The park itself is around 50 years old and this donation will allow for it to be totally rejuvenated. It will be fitted with new play equipment, natural and educational features will be installed, and it will be turned into a hub for the nearby community. It is hoped that this development will not only improve the physical health of the many children that live in the area but will also provide social and health benefits for their families who can all enjoy a fresh and inviting outdoor space.   Soozy Lai is from the Aberdeen Play Forum and she was delighted to hear they had secured the much needed funds. “This is truly fantastic news.  Outdoor play is absolutely vital for the healthy development of all children.  With the recent budget cuts, unfortunately many small parks have taken a hit.  Families without gardens rely on local green spaces to take their children to play.  The park on Girdleness Road has become so run down that it is no longer an appealing place for children to play.  Torry has a wealth of passionate and organised community volunteers who have shown strong support for this project.  Aberdeen City Council have are also giving a great deal of support to the project and will be working with Aberdeen Greenspace to deliver the transformative work.  We also have to thank Shell for funding the Aberdeen Play Forum to work in Torry – this is a project of many partners!  There are many young families living close to the park which will benefit significantly from this funding – we are all incredibly delighted and would like to thank Aberdeen International Airport’s Panel for supporting this valuable project.”   The second project to benefit from the substantial donation is the YMCA, for their work on a project called Maklab. This is a space to encourage people to make things. It has an emphasis on the creation of a low cost high quality digital printing process, also known as 3D printing, which will be used to give youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds a chance to get skills and qualifications. It would provide service users with entry level training in 3D printing, a virtually waste-free form of manufacturing, thus also reducing their impact on the environment. That, coupled with promotion of a “circular economy model” (where products are designed with a specific focus on how they can be reused) will give disengaged young people in the city the training and experience they need in the long term. Ian Marr is the YMCA Chief Executive. “We are absolutely delighted to receive this generous award from Aberdeen International Airport Community Panel. This gives an enormous boost to our work in creating Maklab which will be an exciting, innovative and unique resource in Aberdeen.”   Lewis MacDonald MSP sits on the airport panel. Commenting on the successful applicants he said: “People in Aberdeen and the North East come up with some great projects, and these are the pick of a very good bunch. The emphasis on young people and children in these awards this year is spot-on. They are the future, and these innovative projects are well worth backing in this way. I am delighted for YMCA, who are breaking new ground, and for the young people who will learn new skills through this award. The kids in Tullos will be very happy too!” Sarah Rochester is the airport panel chair. “I never fail to be amazed by the wide variety of different initiatives that are happening for the good of the North-east. To be in a position to make dreams like these come true is very satisfying and I look forward to working with both groups as they get their ideas off the ground.” Work is due to begin on both projects in the coming months.

International Scotland stated we had full trust in the new panel to deliver the goods its just a pity they were not in place last time an award was made.

Press release by Aberdeen International Trust Fund 27/1/2014.


Tesco Guide Prices.


Tesco Guide Prices, any of our many readers know what this means?

Tesco has now joined the many thousands of high street rip off merchants by giving out miss-leading information on prices.

My son was wishing to purchase new head sets Turtle Beach x12 for his Xbox 360 and found that Tesco offered them as the cheapest in the country at £32 online so we tried to order them online and pickup at store next day, surprise, surprise it never worked, so we called our local store at Woodend, Aberdeen yes sir we have them in stock on the shelves.

Went in yesterday and they were in stock at £40 asked for customer services who stated that guide prices were only for main Tesco stores only and smaller Tesco outlets can charge what they like? What?

We asked how customers were meant to know which store was a main store and was told only Tesco staff knows the answer to this question which left us gobsmacked!

Nowhere on Tesco’s website does it state these important facts,

If your after a deal at Tesco’s in the future CHECK which store has the goods and at what TESCO GUIDE PRICES are before you make the trip?

Shame on you Tesco, sort it out please?

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